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Press Releases





December 26
Notice Regarding Acquisition of Shares of Pentagon Technologies Group, Inc. in the United States (to Make It a Subsidiary)
December 20
Kurita Sponsors and Presents the "Kurita Water Industries Award" at the 17th Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC 2019)
November 1
Kurita Water Industries Establishes Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd. to Provide Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions
October 8
Kurita Receives the Sasaki Award from the Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry for Its System for Improving Productivity, Operating Efficiency, and Environmental Hygiene
July 24
Kurita Delivers Water Recycling Technology Demonstration System for the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station
July 10
Kurita is Listed among "Honored Companies" in the 2019 All-Japan Executive Team (Ranking of Best Companies in Terms of IR Activities) by Institutional Investor, a U.S. Magazine
June 24
Kurita Newly Selected as Constituent of Stock Indexes for ESG Investing
June 24
Hands-on Learning Events for Children who Wish to Learn about Water
May 16
Notice Regarding Completion of Acquisition of Avista Technologies, Inc. and Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd. (to Make Them Subsidiaries)
May 13
Notice Regarding the Acquisition of Avista Technologies, Inc. and Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd. (to Make Them Subsidiaries)
April 11
Kurita Continues Strategic Investment in U.S.-Based, Venture-Backed Company APANA Inc. to Increase Stake in Series B Round
April 2
Notice Regarding Completion of Acquisition of Shares of Pentagon Technologies Group, Inc. in the United States
March 27
Notice Regarding Completion of the Acquisition of U.S. Water Services, Inc. (to Make it a Subsidiary)
February 28
Announcement of Changes in Directors and Members of the Audit & Supervisory Board
February 8
Kurita Acquires U.S. Water Services, Inc., a Company Manufacturing and Selling Water Treatment Chemicals and Facilities



December 1
Kurita Makes Equity Method Company Hansu Co., Ltd. a Consolidated Subsidiary
December 1
Development of S.sensing®WS, a New TRO Meter for the Ballast Water Treatment Market
October 24
Kurita Water Industries Revises Earnings Forecast
September 5
KURITA Launches CETAMINE® JP Series in Japan
May 26
Notice Regarding the Status and Completion of Acquisition of the Company's Stock
May 26
Kurita's DReeM Polymer™, Which Contributes to Reducing CO2 Emissions by Improving and Maintaining Boiler Efficiency, Wins Environmental Technology Award in the 49th Technology Award Hosted by the Japan Chemical Industry Association.
May 2
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of the Company's Stock
May 2
Kurita Establishes a New Research and Development Base, Kurita R&D Asia Pte. Ltd., in Singapore
April 27
Providing Customers with Safety and Labor Savings by Predicting Odor Generation from Hydrogen Sulfide and Enabling Automatic Control of Optimal Chemical Injection Quantity
April 27
Kurita Wins the Distinction Award in the Category "Water Company of the Year" at the Global Water Summit 2017
April 3
Kurita Begins Selling CAPSULE ZERO KS, a New Package-Type Water Treatment Chemical for Small-Scale Cooling Water Systems
April 3
Kurita Releases Japan's First Continuous One-Step ANAMMOX Process
April 3
Notice Regarding the Status of Acquisition of the Company's Stock
March 30
Announcement of Cancellation of Treasury Stock
March 1
Kurita's Ballast Water Treatment System is awarded type approval by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
March 1
Notice Regarding Acquisition of the Company's Stock
February 28
Announcement of Changes in Representative Director and Other Directors
February 2
Japan's Largest Dry Anaerobic Digestion Reactor Accepted for the Promotion of the Use of Biomass Energy
January 18
Investment in APANA Inc., a U.S.-based venture company
January 4
Kurita to Acquire US-based Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturing and Sales Company


November 29
Kurita Steps Up Proposals on General Water Treatment for Small and Midsize Painting Booths to Open Up New Markets for Water Treatment Chemicals
October 6
Kurita Expands its Lineup of TELEMAC® NEO Service Contracts Pursuing Added Value for Customers from Boiler Water to Cooling Water Treatment
September 27
Enhancing Functions of Water Treatment Management Service S.sensingTM. Full-Scale Global Roll-out
August 29
Kurita Announces Launch of KWSS (Kurita Water Supply Service), a Pure Water Supply Service for the Small- and Medium-Sized Pure Water Treatment Equipment Market
August 8
Kurita Launches TELEMAC® NEO Water Treatment Service Package that Minimizes Boiler Energy Losses
August 4
Announcement of the Decision Regarding the Details of the Acquisition Method of the Company’s Shares by Trust Pertaining to the Performance-linked Stock Compensation Plan
July 8
Notice Regarding Partial Revision of Corporate Governance Policies
May 31
Notice of Correction to Press Release
May 6
Announcement of the Introduction of a Performance-linked Stock Compensation Plan for Directors
April 25
Assistance to areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes
March 30
Announcement of Changes in Members of the Audit & Supervisory Board
March 14
Achieving mass cultivation of degrading microbes that allow for large-scale decontamination of soil and groundwater
--Enhancing KuriAUG bio-powered methods of purification technology for soil and groundwater, detoxifying even vinyl chloride monomer--
February 29
Announcement of Changes in Representative Director (Appointment of New President)
February 29
Announcement of Changes in Representative Director and Other Directors


October 15
Notice Regarding the Partial Revision to the Basic Policies for Constructing an Internal Control System
October 15
Notice Regarding Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code
October 2
Kurita Receives Order from JAXA for Next Generation Water Recycling and Demonstration System Plans to Install System in the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station
A maintenance-free, compact, and energy-efficient water recycling system that achieves a water recycling rate of 85% or more
September 11
Kurita Develops the KuriPrep® ULC Series Chromatography Devices for Biopharmaceuticals
Tapping the Biopharmaceutical Market by Offering a Lineup of Devices for a Wide Variety of Purposes that Range from the Manufacture of Investigational Agents to the Commercial Production of Biopharmaceuticals
July 27
Keeping Legionella Bacteria Undetected Without Propagating Them,
Effective New Treatment Using Synergistic Biocides Developed for Legionella
Synergy of Two Types of Agents (Detachment and Bacteria Elimination) Maximizes the Bacteria Elimination Effects
June 29
Kurita Develops the New Kuristuck Series Water Treatment Chemicals to Help Reduce the Environmental Impact and Improve Productivity at Automobile Factories and Other Facilities:
- Expanding the Lineup of Chemicals for Automobile Painting Booths to Strengthen Business Expansion -
May 29
Announcement of Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
May 29
Notice Regarding the Partial Revision of the Basic Policies for the Internal Control System
April 30
Announcement of Changes in Directors
April 7
Kurita Embarks on Full-Scale Water Treatment Information Services with the Kurita Customer Relationship Center (KCR Center)
- Comprehensively offering products and technical information on water treatment chemicals and facilities and broadly contributing to solving customers’ issues -
February 2
Kurita Completes Acquisition of German-Based Water Solutions, Paper Solutions and Alumina Compounds Businesses of BK Giulini


December 25
Kurita Begins Full-Scale Sales of a Standard-Type Wastewater Treatment System
- Enabling a 40% Reduction in the Cost of Introduction through the Adoption of Innovative Tower Tanks and Thorough Standardization -
December 9
Order Received for Ultrapure Water Supply Project from a Major South Korean Semiconductor Manufacturer
October 29
Kurita Receives the 2014 Japan Industrial Water Treatment Company of the Year Award at the Frost & Sullivan Japan Excellence Awards
October 29
Kurita Ballast Water Management System Receives Final Approval from the IMO
October 27
Kurita to acquire German-based Water Solutions, Paper Solutions and Alumina Compounds businesses of BK Giulini
~Strengthening of business platform in Europe~
October 27
- ICL’s Performance Products segment to divest its Germany-based APW business as part of ICL’s strategy to focus on its core businesses in agriculture, food and engineered materials -
September 4
Kurita Announces the Strengthening of its Business in the Energy Field by Making Use of the Clathrate Compound Technology it has Cultivated in Water Treatment
- Successfully Developing New Materials and Entering the Lithium Ion Battery Field
August 7
Kurita Announces Full-Scale Launch of a New Maintenance Service for Water Treatment Facilities
Suggesting Appropriate Maintenance by Visualizing the Operating Status and Sharing Information with the Customer
July 30
Kurita Develops High-Performance, Low-Cost Purified Water Production System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Water Treatment System Developed in Pursuit of High Quality and High Level of Safety by Blocking Proliferation of Living Microbes
June 25
Kurita's Carrier-Type Anaerobic Water Treatment System Receives Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at 40th Excellent Environmental Equipment Awards
June 20
Kurita Develops and Begins Sale of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals Produced Solely from Food Additives
Expands Lineup of its Safety-focused KURITIGHT Series from Boilers to Cooling Water
June 12
Consecutive Orders Received for Water Treatment Plants for Major Chinese LCD Panel Manufacturers
May 26
Kurita will Exhibit, for the First Time, at the Water Expo During the Singapore International Water Week 2014
Promoting the Kuriverter Series of Unique Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Water Treatment Chemicals
May 23
Kurita Develops a Multi-Functional Polymer Material for Boiler Water Treatment with Both Dispersion and Removal Effects for Scale
Contributing to Customer’s Energy-Saving by Keeping Boiler Facilities Continuously Cleaned
April 30
Announcement of Changes in Representative Director and Other Directors
April 25
Kurita Ballast Water Management System Receives Basic Approval from the IMO
— Chemical Treatment Ensures Elimination of Harmful Aquatic Organisms —
— Simple Equipment Configuration Facilitates Its Installation —
April 7
Kurita Broadens its Lineup of Process Treatment Chemicals for Paper and Pulp to Step Up Business Expansion
Releasing the new KURITA PL-140 Series antifoaming agent for kraft pulp washing process and other new products
March 31
Launch of a Water Treatment Management Service Using the Newly Developed Mobile Water Quality Analyzer, S.sensing MA
March 17
China Subsidiary Kurita Water Industries (Suzhou) Ltd. Begins Shipping Standard Water Treatment Equipment to Southeast Asia