• Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

1. The Purpose of Kurita Group's Use of Social Media

The proper use of social media provides interactive communication and the timely transmission of information globally. By using social media, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries (hereinafter "the Kurita Group") aim to build better relationships with customers and the public (hereinafter "Users") through official accounts created on various online platforms to share promotional activities, communication activities, announcements and other public relations activities (hereinafter "Official Accounts").

2. The Kurita Group's Attitude toward Using Social Media

In relation to the operation of Official Accounts, the Kurita Group will participate in social media with the following sensible attitude:

  • (1)We will pay attention to the content of the information we send and how we send it and make sure that we do not spread false information or mislead Users.
  • (2)We will promptly apologize and correct any misinformation or misleading statements.
  • (3)We will disseminate information and engage in dialogue as a person of good sense without falsifying our identity.
  • (4)We will observe the rules and regulations of each type of social media established and operated by third parties.
  • (5)We will respect the intellectual property rights, privacy and other rights of third parties and take care not to defame any third party.
  • (6)We will be respectful of other cultures and mindful of appropriate behavior on all social media platforms.

3. About Communications

  • 1.The Kurita Group does not follow all Users who follow Official Accounts, including channel subscribers. In addition, following other Users' accounts through Official Accounts does not indicate support or approval from the Kurita Group with respect to their thoughts, beliefs and opinions.
  • 2.The Kurita Group does not reply to all comments on Official Accounts.
  • 3.The Kurita Group does not respond to all direct messages (hereinafter "DMs") to Official Accounts.
  • 4.The Kurita Group may directly contact people through the relevant department with comments or DMs regarding products or services on its Official Accounts.

4. Handling of Personal Information

The Kurita Group shall adequately handle personal information obtained through Official Accounts by following the Kurita Group Privacy Policy. For the Kurita Group Privacy Policy, see https://www.kurita.co.jp/english/site/privacy.html.

5. Prohibitions

In order to achieve better communication on social media, please refrain from creating posts that fall under any of the following categories on our Official Accounts. We may delete a post, block an account, or unfollow a user if an act of the user falls under any of the following categories:

  • (1)An act that infringes on the rights of the Kurita Group, other Users or any third party;
  • (2)An act of infringing on the property or privacy of the Kurita Group, other Users or any third party;
  • (3)An act of damaging the reputation or credit of, or defaming, the Kurita Group, other Users or any third party;
  • (4)An act of discrimination based on race, ideology or creed, etc. or promoting discrimination;
  • (5)An act that violates or is likely to violate public order, morals, laws or regulations;
  • (6)An act of providing information containing harmful, obscene or violent information or the portrayal thereof;
  • (7)An act of fraud, making a false statement, spreading a mere rumor or promoting a rumor;
  • (8)An act that leads to or is likely to lead to a criminal act;
  • (9)Political activities, election campaigns or any similar activities;
  • (10)Missionary activities, solicitation or other acts related to a specific religion, organization or group, etc.;
  • (11)An act that could prevent effective communication or interfere with the operation of our Official Account;
  • (12)An act that offends other Users or any third party, such as creating disagreement or through a temporary emotional reaction;
  • (13)An act of impersonating another User or any third party, etc.;
  • (14)An act of promoting external content such as advertising, publicity, or affiliation with other for-profit activities that are unrelated to the products and services of the Kurita Group;
  • (15)An act of spamming, phishing, or making multiple posts;
  • (16)An act of posting or sending harmful computer programs and the like;
  • (17)An act of making a post unrelated to the purpose of our Official Account; or
  • (18)Any other act that is deemed by the Kurita Group to be inappropriate on reasonable grounds.

6. Disclaimer

  • 1.Posts on social media by the officers or employees of the Kurita Group through accounts other than Official Accounts do not necessarily represent the Group's views.
  • 2.Please note that the information provided by the Kurita Group using Official Accounts does not necessarily represent the official announcement or opinion of the Kurita Group, as the focus is on immediacy and timeliness. Please check the Kurita Group website for its official announcements and opinions.
  • 3.The Kurita Group assumes no liability for Users' posts made on Official Accounts.
  • 4.The Kurita Group assumes no liability for any damage Users incur from using or not being able to use Official Accounts.
  • 5.The Kurita Group assumes no liability for any damage incurred by any User or third party due to discontentment or disagreement between Users or between any User and any third party that may arise in connection with Official Accounts.
  • 6.In addition to those listed in 1. through 5. above, the Kurita Group assumes no liability for any damage suffered by any User or third party due to matters related to Official Accounts.
  • 7.Copyright in and to a post made using an Official Account shall belong to the User who made such post, but the User shall, by such posting, grant to the Kurita Group a worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use (including, processing, excerpting, reproducing, publishing or otherwise translating/adapting, etc.) the posted content, and shall be deemed to have agreed not to exercise its author's moral rights against the Kurita Group and an individual who has succeeded to the rights from, or has been granted the rights by, the Group. However, this does not apply to the case where it is otherwise specified in each social media use agreement.
  • 8.Each social media account is operated by each operating company or its system. Therefore, we are not able to answer any questions about how individual social media accounts are operated, how to use them, or any other technical questions.
  • 9.An Official Account's operation by the Kurita Group may be terminated without notice.
  • 10.The Kurita Group may change this policy without notice.

7. Inquiries

For inquiries and opinions, etc. concerning the Kurita Group or posts by the Group using Official Accounts, please use "Contact Us" on the Kurita Group official website.

Official Accounts Operated by the Kurita Group

  • Established on: February 1, 2020