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Manufacture and sale of water treatment chemicals

Kurita’s water treatment chemicals help prevent problems in boilers and cooling water systems in factories as well as in the air conditioning water systems found in office buildings. They improve the production efficiency of the manufacturing processes in petrochemicals, steel, pulp and paper, and other industries. They also remove harmful substances from wastewater and offer efficient reclamation and recycling to minimize the impact on the environment.
The Kurita Group offers optimal water treatment chemicals refined through many years of technological development and know-how. Using its nationwide service network, the Kurita Group works together with its customers to find solutions to problems.

Manufacture of water treatment chemicals

Kurita manufactures water treatment chemicals of more than 4,000 standards for use in factories and buildings, with comprehensive consideration given to reducing the impact on the environment by acquiring ISO14001 certification. For water treatment chemicals used in food factories, dedicated production lines are set up to achieve a high level of sanitary management and safety.

Manufacture and sale of water treatment facilities

Our optimally designed water treatment systems meet customers’ water quality needs by taking full advantage of the technologies and expertise cultivated by the Kurita Group over many years. These systems produce ultrapure water essential for semiconductor and liquid crystal display production, as well as mineral water for pharmaceutical use that does not allow the least contamination of bacteria. Our wastewater treatment systems purify industrial wastewater for recycling back to nature, while reclaiming and recycling wastewater for industrial use. In addition, we offer a lineup of small and midsize equipment to enable improvements in existing facilities and reduce delivery lead times.

Improvement of the quality and services of water treatment facilities

Locating the manufacturing base of water treatment facilities in Shizuoka Plant and Yamaguchi Plant, Kurita strives to improve the quality and services of a broad range of water treatment facilities.
Kurita also promotes modularization in which constituent units of water treatment systems are arranged on skids. In Shizuoka Plant, we manufacture modules, assembles large complex racks on skids and ship them to construction sites. We have achieved space saving for water treatment systems and reduced the construction period.

Maintenance of water treatment facilities

Kurita offers comprehensive follow-up maintenance services for water treatment systems and facilities to ensure smooth, stable operations. These services include a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing performance, troubleshooting and rapid response to emergencies. We also propose remedial measures by identifying customer needs, such as changing the water quality or volume to match production upgrades or changes, reducing the environmental impact and promoting energy saving.
Harnessing the comprehensive capabilities of the Kurita Group, which include chemicals, we seek to solve the issues that arise in customers’ factories by offering contracted management of not only water treatment facilities but also utilities facilities such as boilers.

Ultrapure water supply

So that our customers can have reliable access to ultrapure water, we install and own facilities within customers’ plants. We provide comprehensive contracting services including operation management and maintenance, and charge customers according to the volume of ultrapure water supplied. In addition to a stable water supply, we offer value to customers by attenuating their burden in areas such as capital outlays, staff training and operation management.

Soil and groundwater remediation

We conduct assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater that has been contaminated with harmful substances. We offer a lineup of technologies that can locate the contamination source under customers’ factories even when they are in operation, and safely remediate contaminated soil and groundwater by introducing in-situ remediation methods, such as an anaerobic biological method using bio-augmentation technology. We also provide comprehensive services tailored to customer needs, including the diagnosis of soil contamination risks associated with real-estate transactions and support for the effective use of remediated land.

Precision tool cleaning

At our own factories, we can clean and remove any deposits that adhere to the tools and jigs of the manufacturing equipment of semiconductors, liquid crystal displays and other products for customers.
We contribute to higher productivity and the effective use of resources in customers’ manufacturing lines by selecting the optimal cleaning technologies and chemicals according to the type of components and the nature of the deposits, and make excellent use of sophisticated cleaning technologies to reduce ions and particles remaining on the surface of components.

Operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities

We provide customers with a range of management contracting services for water treatment facilities, including the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment facilities, utilities management and equipment maintenance and repair management. Close to local communities and customers, Kurita’s on-site personnel manage and patrol water treatment facilities at all times. We also conduct checks and repairs for troubleshooting, and improve aging facilities to maintain them effectively.

Plant cleaning

We clean and remove deposits and blockages that accumulate in boilers, heat exchangers and plumbing to ensure that industrial complexes and plants and electric power plants continue to operate safely and efficiently. We contribute to the stable operation of industrial plants in a broad range of areas, making full use of our cleansing techniques, including chemical cleaning using chemicals and physical cleaning using high pressure water and blasting.

Water quality analysis/ Environmental analysis

We provide a broad array of services to meet customer needs, including not only analyses and tests of water of diverse natures for applications ranging from boiler water, cooling water and ultrapure water to wastewater, but also environmental analyses of, for example, atmosphere, gases and soils. We also conduct analyses and contracted tests of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and measure noise and oscillation, all supporting the business base of the Kurita Group.

Manufacture and sale of water treatment equipment and products for commercial use and general households

We sell water treatment equipment for professional use, such as water purifiers, water softeners, and demineralizers, we also offer solutions for a wide range of customer needs for water applications in the kitchens and tea dispensers of hotels and restaurants.
For general households, we have a full lineup of products that are mainly directly connected to faucets, such as simple water purifiers and shower types, and we also manufacture and sell water treatment equipment for pets.