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The Kurita Group promotes research and development on a global scale, primarily from our Kurita Innovation Hub in Japan, as well as from our development base in Germany and Singapore. Our Development Centers are strengthening cooperation with each other and the Group is make a concerted effort to promote initiatives ranging from research of core technologies to the development of new products, new technologies and new businesses.

Kurita Innovation Hub / Japan

Photograph: Kurita Global Technology Center

Photograph: Kurita Innovation Hub / Japan

The Kurita Innovation Hub opened as a new research and development site in April 2022.
The hub will combine diverse knowledge through exchanges and cooperation between stakeholders, including customers and research institutions in Japan and abroad, with the aim of accelerating innovations that will solve social and industrial issues.

Kurita Europe Technology Center / Germany

Photograph: Our two development centers in Germany

Photograph: Kurita Europe Technology Center

The Kurita Europe Technology Center is a research and development site that was opened in September 2021 in Viersen, Germany, consolidating the three research and development sites maintained in Germany by Kurita Europe GmbH. In addition to cutting-edge research and development facilities, the site is equipped with an employee training center and a visitor center for introducing customers and business partners to R&D efforts.
Through effective and efficient R&D activities involving close cooperation between fellow researchers, we will aim to create new products, technologies and solutions.

Kurita R&D Asia Pte. Ltd.

Photo: Development facilities in Singapore

As demand for water rises worldwide, water resources need to be used effectively. In this environment, Kurita R&D Asia Pte. Ltd. is seeking to develop technologies for the desalination and recycling of wastewater. The company seeks cooperation with research institutions in Singapore to obtain timely information on leading-edge technology and to develop competitive technologies through demonstration experiments in the region.