• Technology Development

Technology Development

We study the properties of water and master them as a technologydriven company coupled with a deep involvement in field sites. The aim behind this is to reach essential solutions to various issues.

In 1951, soon after the foundation of the company, the Boiler Water Supply Laboratory was established as a base for research and development activities.

Since then, an attitude of sincerely working together with customers as a technology-driven company has been continually passed down.
Clarifying essential issues by being deeply involved in field sites and develop technologies to solve these issues is our mission, a mission that remains unchanged since the foundation of the company.

We will develop technology at field sites and change the field sites by the developed technology.
We will go beyond the expectations of both customers and ourselves.
We will enhance technology to study the properties of water, master them and provide solutions that only Kurita can create.

With a target of becoming indispensable to society as a technologydriven company, we will continue to focus on technologies and use the technologies to meet the requirements of customers.

Topics of Technology


Kurita Accelerates Overseas Promotion of Functional Materials for High Purity Ultrapure Water Production to Help Advance Production Technologies in Semiconductor Industry

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