Technology DevelopmentR&D Initiatives

Research and development is the driving force for Kurita as it strives to become a technology-driven company. Kurita Innovation Hub plays a core role in our research and development efforts, further strengthening cooperation between the global R&D functions of the Kurita Group and pursuing our core technologies in greater depth while promoting collaboration with outside partners. In doing so Kurita aims to accelerate the development of innovations while creating solutions and new businesses that will solve the issues of customers and society.

Kurita's total Solution

  1. Enhancing the functions of water
    We are developing a cutting-edge technology for manufacturing ultrapure water, diversifying its functionality, and analyzing of ultra-low level impurity in water.
  2. Recycling resources
    We contribute to realize a sustainable society by developing technologies to recover and recycle water and other valuable resources.
  3. Reducing environmental impact
    We are developing advanced technologies to reduce environmental impact of human activities and increase the compatibility between economic development and environmental protection.
  4. Improving industrial productivity
    We help our customers to improve their productivity by developing and delivering water and energy saving technologies for stable plant operations.

Intellectual Property

Within Japan's water treatment industry, the Kurita Group is a leader in terms of the number of patents held. Kurita's system for creating new products and technologies and its long-term cultivation of core technologies also attests to its commitment to remain a technology-driven company.