Thank you for visiting the procurement webpage of our company.
Enterprises, not only their group companies but also the related supply chains, are nowadays required to appropriately respond to issues regarding the sustainable development of society and the economy.

Kurita Group has revised its Vision and created a new vision "Pioneering 'new value for water' to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society" and, by establishing basic policies, we are working toward the realization of the Corporate Philosophy "Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony".

As a part of the basic policy, we have established the "Kurita Group Procurement Policy" (hereinafter, "this Policy"). Please confirm it.
We are always interested to here from potential new Business Partner who provides raw materials, machinery, service and constructions etc., We ask for our Business Partners to cooperate with understanding this Policy.

Kurita Group
Procurement Policy

Thank you for visiting the purchasing webpage of our company.We are always interested to hear from potential new suppliers.We ask for our suppliers to cooperate with understanding our policy.


Kurita provides equal business opportunities to all prospective to introduce your company and products for new business.

- heart to heart -

Kurita is promoting relation with the suppliers aiming reciprocity based on mutual understand and trust.

Policy for selecting

Kurita evaluates potential supplier's quality, price competitiveness, lead time/delivery at time specified, business operation including financial status, compliance with law, and also RoHS and green procurement (low environmental impact products/services).