• Corporate Philosophy / Vision

Corporate Philosophy / Vision

Kurita Group Philosophy System

The missions that the Kurita Group will fulfill in society into the future, its medium- and long-term visions, and its ways of thinking and values as the foothold for achieving them are stipulated as the Kurita Group Philosophy System.

Kurita Group Philosophy System

Corporate Philosophy

Study the properties of water, master them,
and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony

  1. Kurita Group will contribute to facilitate the coexistence and shared prosperity of the natural environment and human society by creating shared value with society through water.
  2. Kurita Group will generate new functions and value for water, through further exploration and exploitation of the fundamental properties of water.
  3. Each individual of Kurita Group will adopt its customers’ point of view and solve their water and environmental issues, by making full use of its unique technologies, products and services.
  • The Kurita Group Philosophy System clearly states that all of the Group's activities are aimed at achieving the Corporate Philosophy.

Corporate Vision

“A Creator of unique value to the solution of water and environment“,
contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Kurita Group will seek to create shared value with society such as environmental preservation and the effective use of resources, and will realize its corporate philosophy, by continuing to innovate and through businesses contributing to the natural environment, industry and people's lives.

Kurita Group will, as an indispensable partner, create value for customers such as “pursuit of safety,“ “productivity enhancement“ and “reduction of environmental impact.“

Kurita Group will evolve its “service business“ and will provide customers, at speed, with comprehensive solutions making full use of Kurita's technologies, products and services in chemicals, facilities and maintenance.

Basic Policy

1.Kurita Group Code of Conduct

Kurita Group Code of Conduc

Kurita Group Code of Conduct (1.53MB)

The Kurita Group Code of Conduct stipulates the basic actions to be taken by all officers and employees of the Kurita Group. All officers and employees of the Kurita Group vow to understand and comply with this Code of Conduct.

2.Corporate Governance Policies

3.Basic Policies for Constructing an Internal Control System

4.CSR Policy

Provide solutions to issues related to water and the environment, and fulfill responsibility for the future
Priority themes Initiatives toward 2030
  • 1.Provide highly safe services and products
Maintain social trust by developing and providing services and products reflecting considerations for safety, health, and the environment.
  • 2.Conduct fair business activities
Maintain fair and transparent trade based on free competition. Maintain sound relationships with politics and administration.
  • 3.Respect human rights
Support and respect international norms related to human rights and promote human rights initiatives by following the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights established by the United Nations.
  • 4.Solve issues related to water resources
Supply water at the optimum quality and quantity by securing as much water as necessary for the life of all people and the development of industry by applying technologies for saving, purifying, and reusing water.
  • 5.Realize sustainable energy use
Optimize energy use in living and in industries, and introduce technologies for creating energy throughout society.
  • 6.Reduce waste
Introduce technologies for using waste as resources and technologies for controlling the amount of waste and aim to achieve zero waste.
  • 7.Advance industrial production technologies
Make full use of big data on water to contribute to innovations in production efficiency and product quality in industries.

5.Kurita Group BCM Policy (Business Continuity Management)

Purpose of this Policy

This Policy sets forth the fundamental principle for handling emergencies which pose a risk to the continuation of the business of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KWI”) and its consolidated subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the “Group Companies”) (“KWI” and “Group Companies” shall be hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Kurita Group”). Such emergencies may arise due to a large-scale earthquake, wind and flood damage, or pandemic, etc. In this way, this Policy aims to enable the directors and employees of Kurita Group to properly handle such emergencies.

Basic Policy (Basic Stance on Initiatives)

  • Highest Priority on Ensuring the Safety of Humans

    Kurita Group will place the highest priority on ensuring the peace of mind and safety of the officers and employees as well as their family members.

  • Early Restoration of Business

    Kurita Group will endeavor to quickly restore the operations at the company's own facilities, completed properties, and properties under construction, etc.. In this way, it will make efforts to supply products and services in a stable manner and to support customers’ recovery efforts.

  • Community Support

    While making efforts to prevent secondary disasters at its own sites, the Kurita Group will support the reconstruction of the local community.

6.Kurita Group Human Rights Policy

7.Kurita Group Anti-Bribery Policy

8.Kurita Group Antitrust Policy

Core Values

  • FairnessFairness

    To be flexible and competitive company that can survive in the market environment, we will conduct business activities in a fair manner, moving away from old values and ideas that are no longer appropriate.
  • TransparencyTransparency

    To become a global corporate group, we will proactively adopt the rules of international society and conduct business activities openly.
  • IntegrityIntegrity

    We will conduct business activities in a sincere manner, while making strenuous efforts to meet social expectations and further enhance our reputation as a company true to its word.
  • SafetySafety

    As a company that leads the world with its technologies, we will provide our customers with high-quality products and services while conducting our business activities in such a way that prioritizes the minimization of negative impacts that technologies may have on the lives and properties of people.
  • CompatibilityCompatibility

    As a company committed to achieving a sustainable society, we will conduct business activities in such a manner as to ensure the compatibility of economic growth and environmental protection, so that we can help keep the global environment in good shape for the next generation.