• Kurita Philosophy

Kurita Philosophy

Kurita Group Philosophy System

The missions that the Kurita Group will fulfill in society into the future, its medium- and long-term visions, and its ways of thinking and values as the foothold for achieving them are stipulated as the Kurita Group Philosophy System.

Kurita Group Philosophy System

Corporate Philosophy

Study the properties of water, master them,
and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony

  1. Creating new functions and value for water through a deep and far-reaching exploration of the essential properties of water.
  2. Winning the trust of our customers and society with unique solutions that capitalize on our diverse technologies.
  3. Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by leveraging our mastery of water to create shared value with society.
  • The Kurita Group Philosophy System clearly states that all of the Group's activities are aimed at achieving the Corporate Philosophy.


Pioneering “new value for water“
to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In seeking to realize its corporate philosophy, Kurita Group creates shared value with society through its business, addressing water resource issues, contributing to a decarbonized society and building a circular economy.

Kurita Group creates new value by leveraging knowledge accumulated from a broad array of frontline sites (Gemba) to address social issues.

Kurita Group elevates and refines its technology and human resources to be an indispensable partner to our customers, swiftly providing unprecedented technology and services.


Deepen understanding of frontline sites (Gemba)
Our solutions are rooted in a deep understanding of frontline site (Gemba) issues and information.
We maximize customer value while also seeking to further elevate our expertise in water.
Elevate and connect expertise
We strive to elevate our knowledge of water and the environment, which are precious.
Innovation and the creation of new value are generated by connecting the diverse and ever more sophisticated knowledge accumulated by all.
Exceed expectations
Our desire to challenge ourselves is driven by our aspiration to serve humanity.
We always push ourselves to deliver results that exceed expectations. We build trust with our customers through serial success.
Maintain unwavering integrity
We engage sincerely with all of our stakeholders*.
We fulfil our responsibilities to the future through our single-minded pursuit of solutions to social issues.

*Our customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, society at large and our colleagues

Value Creation Story

Kurita's “value creation story“ is a roadmap in order to realize our corporate philosophy and corporate vision - to grow sustainably with society. We have “diverse points of contact with sites,“ in a wide variety of industries. Kurita Group aims to maximize customer value and realize a sustainable society by creating and providing solutions to change society and industries through utilizing "water knowledge" that is formed by collecting and accumulating information obtained from this “diverse points of contact with sites“.

Kurita Group Behavioral Guidelines

The Kurita Group Behavioral Guidelines outline the direction of behavior that is common across the Kurita Group to embody our Values.

Deepen understanding of frontline sites (Gemba)

We immerse ourselves at frontline sites (known as “Gemba“), to have a grasp of the facts from multiple perspectives and to relentlessly pursue and identify fundamental challenges.

Our frontline sites (Gemba) are the people, things, and places which each employee uses to understand facts, identify needs, and generate results. At these frontline sites, we determine facts based on “qualitative“ information grasped by honing our senses and “quantitative“ data captured through analysis and digital technology. The background and root cause of the established facts are reflected in achieving anticipated results and shed light on challenges that have yet to emerge.

Elevate and connect expertise

We fully demonstrate our intellectual curiosity and continue striving for knowledge that contributes widely to our colleagues and partners, the industry, and society.

We are excited to broaden our knowledge as water and environmental professionals as we help our colleagues and partners, the industry, and society through our specialized expertise, while continuing to deepen and expand our own knowledge base. We take a constructive view of failures as seeds for further growth.

We courageously take on challenges, go beyond our boundaries, and collaborate and lead others while respecting different points of view.

We interact, cooperate, and collaborate with people of diverse experience, knowledge, and perspectives from both inside and outside of our group thus contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through value co-creation. As the starting point for co-creation, we push past the boundaries that limit our thinking and actions and take on challenges with courage.

Exceed expectations

We anticipate the value our partners expect, and do our very best to provide results that go beyond it.

We put ourselves in our partners' place in determining the value criteria expected of us to mutually achieve sustainable growth. We then determine the most effective, efficient, and feasible approach to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Maintain unwavering integrity

As employees of the Kurita Group, we exercise self-discipline in the daily execution of our jobs.

We take pride in being members of the Kurita Group, whose mission is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We work diligently, determining what is right and good. We aim to continue to earn the trust of those around us.

Kurita Group will identify materiality in each Medium-Term Management Plan based on global issues related to sustainability,
and set metrics and targets for achieving that materiality.
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