Basic Policy

Basic Policy

1.Kurita Group Code of Conduct

Kurita Group Code of Conduc

Kurita Group Code of Conduct (849KB)

The Kurita Group Code of Conduct stipulates the basic actions to be taken by all officers and employees of the Kurita Group. All officers and employees of the Kurita Group vow to understand and comply with this Code of Conduct.

2.Corporate Governance Policies

3.Basic Policies for Constructing an Internal Control System

4.Kurita Group BCM Policy (Business Continuity Management)

Purpose of this Policy

This Policy sets forth the fundamental principle for handling emergencies which pose a risk to the continuation of the business of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KWI”) and its consolidated subsidiaries (“KWI” and its consolidated subsidiaries shall be hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Kurita Group”). Such emergencies may arise due to a large-scale earthquake, wind and flood damage, or pandemic, conflict, cyberattack, security incident, etc. In this way, this Policy aims to enable the officers and employees of the Kurita Group to properly handle such emergencies.

Basic Policy (Basic Stance on Initiatives)

  • Highest Priority on Ensuring the Safety of Humans

    Kurita Group will place the highest priority on ensuring the peace of mind and safety of the officers and employees as well as their family members.

  • Early Restoration of Business

    Kurita Group will endeavor to quickly restore the operations at the company's own facilities, completed properties, and properties under construction, etc.. In this way, it will make efforts to supply products and services in a stable manner and to support customers’ recovery efforts.

  • Community Support

    While making efforts to prevent secondary disasters at its own sites, the Kurita Group will support the reconstruction of the local community.

5.Kurita Group Human Rights Policy

6.Kurita Group Anti-Bribery Policy

7.Kurita Group Antitrust Policy