CSR PolicyKurita Group Anti-Bribery Policy

General provisions

  1. (1)In accordance with this Policy, the Kurita Group prohibits acts of bribery, etc. of public officials, etc. that are performed by the Officers and Employees of the Group and establishes anti-bribery regulations, etc. in order to define structures and rules that are needed to prevent bribery, etc.
  2. (2)In accordance with this Policy, the anti-bribery regulations, etc. prescribed in (1) above shall be in compliance with laws, rules and regulations and rules that will apply to the Kurita Group in each country or region where the Group operates its business and standards permitted by Local laws and Regulations.
  3. (3)The Officers and Employees shall observe this Policy and anti-bribery regulations, etc. and prevent bribery, etc.
  4. (4)When any officer or employee of a Group company has paid a bribe, etc. to a public official, etc., has received a demand to pay a bribe, etc. or has conducted an act that may be suspected of being bribery, etc., the relevant Group company shall immediately report to KWI.