CSR InitiativesSolve Issues Related to Water Resources

The Kurita Group Approach

The world is facing various issues related to water, including water shortages due to uneven distribution, water pollution associated with industrial development, and depletion of ground water. These rank among the most serious social issues alongside climate change. The Kurita Group will strive to reduce the amount of water intake for use in its business activities while using its water saving, purification, and reuse technologies to provide the optimal quality and volume of water required for people’s lives and industrial development.

Contribution to Achieving the SDGs

Targets and Achievements

The Kurita Group aims to achieve a reduction of environmental impact through its business that offsets and even exceeds the environmental impact generated by its business. To this end, we have set targets for the “amount of the reduction in environmental impact of customers - the amount of the Kurita Group’s own environmental impact.” We will continue to measure these actual values going forward values.

Target for FY2023 Achievement in FY2020
Water savings at customers – Amount of water intake used in our business activities 240 million m³ 52 million m³

With Customers

Saving Water at Customers’ Plants and Business Sites

Environmental Improvement of Customers’

The graph shows the performance of water reduction at customers’ plants and business sites through proposals of the Kurita Group. These mainly represent reduction in the feed water volume by optimizing and managing water quality in boilers and recirculating water in cooling water systems, as well as recovery and reuse of wastewater. In fiscal 2019, we revised the scope and method of data aggregation.

Customer Example

Environmental Improvements at CMK Corporation Thailand Co., Ltd.
(Initiatives of Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.)

RO membrane facility

CMK Corporation Thailand Co., Ltd. primarily manufactures printed circuit boards for automobiles. Producing circuit boards requires the use of large amounts of water for cleaning, and the company uses more water than any manufacturing plant in the CMK Group, so reducing the amount of water it consumes has been an ongoing issue.
Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed reducing water usage by raising the processing efficiency of the company’s RO membrane facilities, which are the main piece of equipment used to manufacture water for cleaning. RO membranes filter out impurities and inorganic salts. After passing through the membranes, the water is used as industrial water, and water containing inorganic salts is processed as wastewater. When biofouling occurs on the surface of the membranes, it reduces permeated water volume, which increases the amount of water used. To address this problem, Kurita-GK Chemical applied water treatment chemicals that control biofouling on the RO membranes to successfully reduce water usage by 310,000 m² per year. In addition, the frequency at which the RO membranes are cleaned has been reduced from once per week to once every two months, and the frequency at which the cartridge filters, which are installed upstream from the RO membrane facilities, are replaced has been reduced from once per week to once every 1.5 months.

Voice of the Customer

Mr. Wittaya Srisuwan
Factory Engineering

KURITA’s RO chemical and consulting service provided us a great improvement in RO operation. We could operate RO system smoother and reduce total cost saving. Thank you, KURITA team, for their support.

Environmental Improvements at PTT Public Company Limited (Rayong Gas Separation Plants)
(Initiatives of Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.)

PTT Public Company Limited is a petroleum and natural gas provider, the largest energy company in Thailand. The PTT Group promotes CSR activities based on the PTT Group SSHE (Security, Safety, Health and Environment) Management Standards with the goal of being an ‘Advanced and Green National Oil Company.’ The company’s Rayong Gas Separation Plants had a problem with biofouling in its RO membrane facilities, which are used in water, reducing the amount of water passing through the membranes and requiring cleaning to maintain water volumes.
Kurita GK Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed using water treatment chemicals to prevent RO membrane biofouling. The proposal was adopted and resulted in stabilizing the amount of water passing through the membranes and also reduced membrane cleaning frequency from once every two months to once every four months, which served to reduce the amount of water used by 1,260 m³ per year, including cleaning water. In addition, optimizing management of RO membrane facility operations and reducing the load on the water supply pumps caused by biofouling served to reduce electricity consumption by the equivalent of 11.5 tons-CO2.

Voice of the Customer

Mr. Thodsaphon Phansadsadee
Process Engineering and Optimization Division,
Production Planning and Technical Management Department

In this case, Kurita’s proposal can reduce water and energy consumption after CIP by Kurita’s treatment program. RO can operate normally and have good condition. So, it can reduce a risk of membrane cracking. RO membrane can extend the operating time because of the performance as same as new membrane. I would like to thank Kurita for recommendation for saving cost. And we look forward to receiving more improvement proposal to cooperate together.

Internal Environmental Improvement Activities

Reducing Water Intake within the Kurita Group

Internal Promotion of Environmental

Based on the characteristics of each company and business site, the Kurita Group selects the items that are strongly correlated with water usage, such as production volume, net sales, or site area, as the denominators for a per-unit measurement, then set about reducing water usage per unit. Since fiscal 2019, we have been aggregating results for overseas Group companies as well.

Example of Reducing Water Usage at Kurita do Brasil LTDA.

Change in Water Usage at
Kurita do Brasil LTDA.

Kurita do Brasil LTDA. is an overseas Group company that produces Kurita Group water treatment chemicals by blending previously manufactured chemical substances. The company sells the water treatment chemicals and supplies technical services in South America. Most of the water used at the company’s plant is for the manufacture of water treatment chemicals, but water is also used for cleaning production equipment and for experiments.
The company carried out an investigation to assess water use in its plant in order to reduce water consumption in non-product areas. The investigation found that a large amount of water was being used to clean part of a production line. Kurita do Brasil LTDA. took a number of steps to address the issue in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, including making improvements to facilities, such as adjusting production lines and maintaining equipment, optimizing cleaning methods and raising employee awareness about the importance of conserving water. Those steps reduced water consumption by 5% year on year.

Internal campaigns to raise awareness about water usage

Evaluation of Water Risk at Internal Facilities

Kurita Water Industries assesses and ascertains water risk for areas where Group production bases are located once a year using the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas provided by the World Resources Institute. In fiscal 2020, we surveyed production sites that use large amounts of water intake and identified four sites located in areas ranked “High risk” or above. We found that the total amount of water intake for these sites equated to 3% of water intake for all the Group’s production sites.

Participation in Water Resilience Coalition

The Company is pleased to announce that in July 2020 it joined the Water Resilience Coalition (“WRC”) as a Co-Founder. The WRC is a new organization established under the CEO Water Mandate, a United Nations Global Compact initiative. It will launch industry-driven initiatives for the preservation of water resources in water-stressed basins all over the world.
As a member of the WRC, the Kurita Group will work to preserve the world’s water resources together with other companies and organizations, aiming to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its Corporate Philosophy.
The Company has also participated in the UN Global Compact and endorsed the CEO Water Mandate.

Participation in the Ministry of the Environment’s Water Project

Kurita Water Industries is participating in the Water Project of the Ministry of the Environment, which provides an opportunity to disseminate information about its technologies and business activities related to efficient use of water resources and preservation of the water environment.