CSR InitiativesReduce Waste

The Kurita Group Approach

The Kurita Group needs to make effective use of limited resources in order to conduct its business activities sustainably. Therefore, the Group is working to reduce the amount of waste (including hazardous or toxic waste) generated by its business activities, while making efforts to convert it into valuable material and to recycle it.
For our customers, we propose technologies for making use of waste as a resource and for reducing the amount of waste generated. Through these activities, we aim to reduce waste for society in general.

Contribution to Achieving the SDGs

Targets and Achievements

The Kurita Group aims to achieve a reduction of environmental impact through its business that offsets and even exceeds the environmental impact generated by its business. To this end, we have set targets for the “amount of the reduction in environmental impact of customers - the amount of the Kurita Group’s own environmental impact.” We will continue to measure these actual values going forward values.

Target for FY2023 Achievement in FY2020
Waste* reduction at customers
– Waste* generated from our business activities
450,000 t 152,000 t

* including hazardous or toxic waste

With Customers

Waste Reduction at Customers’ Plants and Business Sites

Environmental Improvement of
Customers’ Operations

The graph shows the waste reduction performance of proposals for customers’ plants and business sites made by the Kurita Group. These results are mainly due to conversion to wastewater treatment facilities that generate little excess sludge and reduction of waste volume by dehydrating agents and dehydrators. In fiscal 2019, we revised the scope and method of data aggregation.

Customer Example

Environmental Improvements at Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. (Ayutthaya Plant)
(Initiatives of Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. (Ayutthaya Plant) in Thailand primarily produces umami seasonings. The company is a member of the Ajinomoto Group and as such works to reduce greenhouse gases and plastic waste. To reduce the environmental impact of RO membrane facilities that are used to manufacture industrial water at the plant, Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd. proposed lengthening the operational life of the RO membranes to reduce waste and electricity consumption.
RO membranes can collect biofouling* and other substances on their surface, making it difficult for water to pass through. This increases the load on the pumps used to supply water to the membranes and increases electricity consumption as a result. Moreover, to maintain water production volumes, the RO membranes have to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The solution proposed by Kurita-GK Chemical applies new water treatment chemicals that inhibit biofouling and uses sensors to optimize the levels of chemical additives needed for stable membrane operations. After the solution was adopted by the plant, cleaning frequency decreased, RO membrane waste declined 0.4 tons per year and electricity consumption dropped by the equivalent of 8.5 tons-CO2. The amount of cleaning agents and wastewater from membrane cleaning also decreased. In addition, sensor-based control has made it possible to reduce the amount of chemical additives as well.

* Pollutants formed by microorganisms such as bacteria and algae in water.

Voice of the Customer

Mr. Narongrit Jaratsri

Mr. Sanan Kinkasorn
Utility & Biomass Department

S.sensing and IK from KURITA can control the amount of chemicals use in the RO system very well and save maintenance cost of membrane RO.

Internal Environmental Improvement Activities

Reduction of Internal Waste

Internal Promotion of Environmental

Based on the characteristics of each company and business site, the Kurita Group selects the items that are strongly correlated with waste emission volume, such as production volume, net sales, or site area, as the denominators for a per-unit measurement of waste emission volume, then set about reducing this. The Group has been aggregating the total volume of waste at overseas Group since fiscal 2019, and the total volume of waste at construction sites of the Company and domestic group companies since fiscal 2020.

Example of Waste Reduction at Kurita do Brasil LTDA.

Waste Volume at
Kurita do Brasil LTDA.

Kurita do Brasil LTDA. is an overseas Group company that produces Kurita Group water treatment chemicals by blending previously manufactured chemical substances. The company sells the water treatment chemicals and supplies technical services in South America. Waste generated by Kurita do Brasil LTDA. includes packaging for water treatment chemical raw materials, non-compliant water treatment chemicals and leaks of chemicals from manufacturing equipment.
To reduce waste volume in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, the company requested suppliers of key raw materials to switch to reusable packaging, made improvements to production processes to prevent the output of non-compliant products and established a maintenance routine to prevent leaks and losses of chemicals. As a result, waste volume was reduced by 32% year on year.