SustainabilityCorporate Citizenship Activities

Basic Approach to Corporate Citizenship Activities

To realize its corporate philosophy "Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony," the Kurita Group defines activities that go beyond its business activities to contribute to water preservation and environmental protection and the realization of affluent lifestyles as corporate citizenship activities, and we aim to earn trust of society and acquire new knowledge by actively and continuously focusing on such activities.
The Kurita Group has set five priority areas for its corporate citizenship activities: “Promotion of science and technology,” “Improvement of issues related to water resources and public health,” “Fostering the next generation,” “Recovery and reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas,” and “Revitalization of local communities.” We promote corporate citizenship activities in accordance with the system, roles, and approach to corporate citizenship activities expenditures shown in the Group Guideline on Corporate Citizenship Activities.

Priority Areas for Activities

Expenditures for Corporate Citizenship Activities

Please refer to the “Governance” section of the ESG data sheet for the amount of Kurita Group expenditures on corporate citizenship activities.