Corporate Citizenship ActivitiesRevitalization of Local Communities

Activities Policy in This Area

As a member of the local community, the Kurita Group will contribute to the revitalization of the local community by participating in and supporting community activities such as cleaning, tree planting, and sports events.

Achievements in FY2023

Community crime prevention event by Kurita Water Gush Akishima

Community crime prevention event held in front of Akishima Station

Kurita Water Industries’ rugby team, Kurita Water Gush Akishima, participated in community crime prevention event at the request of the Akishima Police Station.
On January 10, 2023, a total of six athletes and staff members participated in the event held in front of Akishima Station. At the event, participants urged people to take thorough measures to prevent bicycle theft, such as locking their bicycles when they leave them, even for short periods of time. Athletes and staff members who participated in the event said, “I would like to encourage everyone to always lock their bicycles, even in their home or office bicycle parking areas.” and “I would like to participate in more crime prevention events like this in the future.”

Activities at Business Sites

Toys donated to people in the area surrounding Artur Nogueira

The Kurita Group engages in a variety of community contribution activities to help revitalize communities in Business Sites.
In fiscal 2023, Kurita do Brasil LTDA. conducted activities such as donating winter clothes and toys collected by its employees to people in need in the area surrounding Artur Nogueira, where the company’s base is located. In addition, employees brought small gifts to a local senior citizens’ home at Christmas, deepening exchanges with community.