CSR InitiativesConduct Fair Business Activities


The Kurita Group is involved with solving many customers’ problems in areas around the world. This is proof of the trust that customers in various countries have placed in the Group, and it entails a heavy responsibility. To ensure that we continue to be highly rated as a company by customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and local communities throughout the world, we recognize that it is more important than ever to conduct business fairly at all times in every country where we operate. All Kurita Group officers and employees observe the stance stated in our CSR Policy, “Maintain fair and transparent trade based on free competition. Maintain sound relationships with politics and administration,” and are committed to fulfilling the Group’s responsibilities for the future.

Contribution to Achieving the SDGs

Basic Policy

All Kurita Group officers and employees share fairness, transparency, integrity, safety, and compatibility as five core values, and the Kurita Group Code of Conduct has been created to set out basic guidelines for judgment and conduct for how all Kurita Group officers and employees should conduct themselves and what conduct is prohibited. The Code has been translated into 18 languages so that all Kurita Group officers and employees throughout the world can understand it, and it is also disclosed on the Company website. The Kurita Group’s basic approach toward compliance is to implement this code of conduct by promoting deeper understanding of the code within the organization, reviewing the compliance guidelines formulated at each division and Group company, and promoting awareness of them throughout the organization.

The Kurita Group has formulated the following various policies to ensure the promotion of fair business practices throughout the entire Group, and they are now being applied in Kurita Group companies.

Kurita Group Anti-Bribery Policy

The Kurita Group formulated its Anti-Bribery Policy in order to prevent bribery and promote fair business activities within the Group. This policy defines basic items related to the Group’s bribery prevention systems. Under this policy, the Company and each Group company defines items to be complied with as rules and works on the reduction of the risk of the occurrence of bribery.

Kurita Group Antitrust Policy

The Kurita Group has established the Kurita Group Antitrust Policy to ensure that the Group conducts fair transactions and to prevent its officers and employees from violating antitrust laws in countries around the world. The policy sets out basic items regarding observing local antitrust laws and antimonopoly laws, and associated regulations and so forth in different countries and regions.

These policies have been translated into 16 languages so that all Kurita Group officers and employees throughout the world can understand them.

Promotion System

The Kurita Group has established the E&S Committee and the Group E&S Committee as organizations to oversee compliance activities. Both committees are chaired by an Executive Senior Managing Director of the Company, and the Group E&S Committee’s members are representatives of Group companies. The committees are tasked with deciding polices and key measures related to compliance activities, which are conveyed to all employees through subcommittees in each headquarters division and Group company. The E&S Committee also manages the activities and reports the activity results once a year to the Company’s Board of Directors, which evaluates the activity results.

Targets and Achievements

The Kurita Group’s target for the theme in fiscal 2023 and its achievement in fiscal 2020 are as shown below.

Target for FY2023 Achievement in FY2020
Rate of participation in compliance-related training among officers and employees 100% 100%
  • *Courses in fiscal 2020 were targeted at officers and employees of the Company and domestic Group companies and at managers management of overseas Group companies.

Main Initiatives

Preventing Problems from Occurring

The Kurita Group has established targets and measures to be taken for improvement of the risk of legal or regulatory infringements, and is working to prevent compliance-related problems from occurring. Specifically, after creating a “Non-Compliance Risk Map” consisting of 60 items and tailored to the business characteristics of each organization and company, we have identified key themes to be addressed by conducting a risk assessment based on the results of a Compliance Behavior Survey from the previous fiscal year.

Compliance Behavior Survey

The Kurita Group conducts the Compliance Behavior Survey for Kurita Group employees and dispatch staff each year in order to clarify the impact of compliance activities and any problems, and to identify latent legal and regulatory infringement risks to help reduce risks going forward. The survey results were reported back to the personnel in charge of compliance in each organization and Group company.

Status of Compliance Behavior Survey Implementation

FY2019 FY2020
Number of people surveyed 6,944 7,054
Number of respondents 6,867 6,988
Response rate (%) 98.9 99.1

Whistle-Blowing and Consultation Desk

The Kurita Group seeks to enable employees to work in the Group with peace of mind. To this end, we have established the Kurita Group Code of Conduct, as well as consultation desks within each company and outside organizations where people can report or consult if they observe behavior that breaks internal company rules or behavior that they think might be breaking the rules, or if they have business partners who may not be following the rules. These consultation desks are provided not only for Kurita Group employees, but also for dispatch staff sent to work in the Kurita Group and personnel at our customers and so forth. The Kurita Group strives to protect persons who consult or make reports and to achieve early detection of dishonest practices, and also operates the Kurita Global Helpline, which allows the employees of overseas Group companies to make reports to a consultation desk.

Status of Consultation Desk Usage (Cases)

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Japan 26 27 23
Overseas 1 4 4
Total 27 31 27

Compliance Training for Management

The Company conducts ongoing compliance training for its management team and those of its domestic Group companies.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Training

The Kurita Group provided anti-bribery and anti-corruption e-learning training for all of its officers and employees in fiscal 2020. The training is designed to deepen understanding about points that should be observed by all directors and employees in accordance with the Kurita Group Anti-Bribery Policy, as well as to promote fair business activities. It was held at the Company and domestic Group companies, with a 100% attendance rate.

CSR Requirements for Suppliers

The Kurita Group considers it vital to obtain cooperation from suppliers in order to conduct fair business across the entire supply chain. We have established the Kurita Group CSR Procurement Guidelines, and we have asked suppliers to observe laws and social norms, such as conducting fair business and prohibiting corruption and bribery, and to provide appropriate information. In particular, we ask major suppliers to conduct a self-evaluation based on the guideline and to implement improvement measures.