CSR PolicyKurita Group Antitrust Policy

General provisions

  1. (1)In accordance with the Kurita Group Antitrust Policy, the Kurita Group shall prohibit any act of the Officers and Employees that violates the Antitrust Laws, construct necessary structures to comply with the Antitrust Laws and establish regulations setting forth the rules and other matters for compliance.
  2. (2)The Representative Director of KWI or the Chief Compliance Officer appointed by the Representative Director shall oversee the activities of the Kurita Group intended for compliance with the Antitrust Laws.
  3. (3)The Regulations for Compliance with Antitrust Laws shall be in compliance with the provisions of this Policy on violating acts as well as applicable laws and regulations, etc. of each country or region where each company of the Kurita Group operates its business.
  4. (4)The Officers and Employees shall observe this Policy and shall not violate the Antitrust Laws. In addition, they shall strive to prevent any violation of the Antitrust Laws.
  5. (5)Any Employee who has any question as to the Antitrust Laws and this Policy in performing his/her duties shall consult with the Compliance Officer stipulated in the Regulations for Compliance with Competition Laws for appropriate instructions.