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The Kurita Group Approach

Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. established the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation* (the Foundation) in 1997, with the aim of contributing to the promotion of science and technology relating to water and the environments. The donations from the Kurita Group are used for operating expenses to subsidize research projects relating to water and the environment as well as to support international exchange of researchers.

*Convert to a public interest incorporated foundation in 2009.

Research Grant Program

Commemorative photograph
of the research grant presentation
ceremony (August 2019)

Each year, the Foundation provides grants to young researchers in Japan and Asia working in the fields of water and water environments to assist for the cost of research activities and attending international conferences.
Since fiscal 2008, the Kurita Group has been presenting the Kurita Outstanding Research Award to the researchers who, out of all support recipients, have achieved outstanding results.

Commendation Program

The Kurita Water and Environment Foundation awards a Best Presentation Award (Kurita Prize) to master’s course students who conducted outstanding research presentations at the annual conference of the Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE), held each spring. In fiscal 2020, the annual conference was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic and JSWE-KURITA Best Presentation Awards (Kurita Prize) were awarded on the basis of presentation summaries.

International Exchange Support Program

To support international exchange related to promotion of science and technology in the water and water environment field, the Foundation supports the Nepalese NPO, Center of Research for Environment, Energy and Water (CREEW), and offers support through payment of scholarship grants, etc. for master’s course students at the Asian Institute of Technology, an international university based in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok.

Achievements in FY2020

  FY2020 Cumulative*1
Number of projects Grant amount (Millions of yen) Number of projects Grant amount (Millions of yen)
Research grants 112 82 1,316 835
Domestic research grants 71 58 979 698
International conference grants 4 1 135 46
Overseas research grants*2 37 21 202 90
Kurita Outstanding Research Award 6 - 77 -
Kurita Prize 22 - 276 -

*1: Cumulative total since the establishment of the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation in 1997
*2: Includes research projects commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation