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The Kurita Group Approach

Supporting Access to Water

The Kurita Group works with NPOs and NGOs to support disadvantaged members of society who find it difficult to obtain access to safe water due to conflict, poverty, or lack of usable fresh water.

Support for Areas Affected by Disasters

The Kurita Group provides support to areas affected by severe natural disasters around the world, giving consideration to the scale of the disaster and the Group’s relationship with the affected area.

Achievements in FY2020

Supporting Access to Water

In fiscal 2020, continuing initiatives from the previous fiscal year, Kurita made created support funds for the NPO Reach Alternatives (REALs, formerly the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention) and for the NPO WaterAid Japan in March 2020.
REALs works to prevent ethnic and regional conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Kurita’s support fund in fiscal 2020 will be used to improve water and sanitation conditions such as repair work for toilets and wells, and facility maintenance at the Mangateen IDPs site for internally displaced persons in the Republic of South Sudan, as well as for conflict prevention training.
WaterAid Japan is the Japanese branch of U.K.-based international NGO WaterAid, which specializes in water and sanitation issues. In fiscal 2020, Kurita’s support fund will be used to build a well in the Hhohho region of the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), giving residents access to clean water and a sanitary environment.

Toilets and washrooms at Mangateen IDPs site (completed with the fiscal 2019 support fund)

Construction of a well in Hhohho region, Eswatini (Thandeka Ngobe/WaterAid)

Support for Areas Affected by Disasters

Disaster Relief Supplies (Mineral Water) Approx. 17,626 liters
After a large-scale Typhoon Faxai disrupted water supplies to various regions in Japan in September 2019, the Kurita Group provided one of its drinking water products to local governments and to partner companies based in affected areas.
Also, after another Typhoon Hagibis caused water outages in October 2019, the Kurita Group provided one of its drinking water products to local governments in affected areas. The Kurita Group also donated money through the Japanese Red Cross Society to support disaster victims and to help rebuilding efforts in affected areas.

Achievements to Date