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Activities policy in This Area

The Kurita Group will foster awareness of water-related issues and stimulate interest in science among children and students who will lead the next generation by holding hands-on learning events, providing on-site classes, and sponsoring contests.

Achievements in FY2023

Contest Sponsorship

20th Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC 2022)

Ms. Sasara Mizutani of Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary Education School received the Kurita Water Industries Award (left)

The Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC) is a research contest in science and engineering for high school and technical college students in Japan that has been held by The Asahi Shimbun Company since 2003. We have been co-sponsoring JSEC since fiscal 2020. In fiscal 2023, we presented the Kurita Water Industries Award to Ms. Sasara Mizutani of Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary Education School for her research into “Development of a Method for Measuring and Visualizing the Concentration of Aerosol Particles Using Flame Photometry.”
As a follow up, an exchange meeting was held between her and researchers of the Kurita Group at Kurita Innovation Hub (KIH), our R&D base. On the day of the event, after observing KIH's research and facilities, Ms. Mizutani gave a presentation in English as preparation for the international competition ISEF*1. Her presentation was held online by connecting researchers from KIH, Kurita R&D Asia Pte. Ltd., and Kurita Europe GmbH. Representing Japan, Ms. Mizutani subsequently presented her research at the ISEF, held in Dallas, Texas, USA, from May 14 to 19. After returning to Japan, she received a special award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for her good work at the ISEF.

  • *1 ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair): Organized by the Society for Science & the Public, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, ISEF is one of the world’s largest international competitions of free science-related research, involving approximately 1,600 high school students from more than 64 countries and regions.

On-Site Classes

NPO After School Online Program to Learn About the Importance of Water

Taking part in a water class at NPO
After School

With NPO After School, Kurita has continued to conduct programs that allow elementary school students to enjoy learning while experiencing the importance of water since fiscal 2022.
In fiscal 2023, we titled the program “Save the World with Professor Water! Take the Exciting Filtering Experiment Challenge” and held 18 online classes. The same program was held once at KIH, inviting local elementary school students.
In addition to the above program, in fiscal 2024, we will start a new program, “Exciting Operation Water and the Future ~ Mystery Solving Survival ~.”