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The Kurita Group Approach

As a member of the communities where it has business sites, the Kurita Group aims to develop together with the local community by promoting activities that contribute to regional vitalization, such as environmental improvement, health promotion, social welfare, and disaster prevention.

Achievements in FY2020


A rugby trial session for children
at Kurita Water Industries
Akishima Ground

Kurita Water Rugby Football Club Holds Trial Session for Children

On September 28, 2019 at the Kurita Water Industries Akishima Ground in Tokyo, Kurita Water Rugby Football Club and Akishima City ran a rugby trial session for children.
Kurita Water Rugby Football Club continues to hold rugby trial sessions for children as a way of contributing to the local community.
Roughly 200 children, from preschoolers to upper-grade elementary school students, attended the trial session, the first held since the ground was moved to Akishima City in October 2018. Employees members of Kurita Water’s Rrugby Football Club practiced passing and kicking and played tag rugby with the children. Afterwards, the Akishima Ground was opened to the public, and residents came to watch a match between the World Cup rugby teams of Japan and Ireland.

Volunteer cleanup by employees of
Kurita Water Industries (Jiangyin)

Cleanup Activities at Business Sites

The Kurita Group engages in cleanup activities to help create more beautiful communities in areas where its business sites are located.
On April 21, 2019, a total of 52 of Kurita Water Industries (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. and their families participated in cleanup activities at Jiangyin Swan Beak Park on the shore of the Yangtze River.
Comments from employees who participated included this thought: “It may be a small thing, but I want to do what I can.”

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