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The Kurita Group Approach

The Kurita Group utilizes its expertise, skills, and networks related to water and the environment to develop human resources who can assist the realization of a society in which people are in greater harmony with nature.

Achievements in FY2020

Number of children, parents, other participants 4,279
Number of Kurita Group employee participants 135

Learning Events about Water

The Wonderful World of
Water event

The Wonderful World of Water

As a project commemorating its 70th anniversary, on July 27 and 28, 2019 Kurita held a special event on “The Wonderful World of Water” at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Koto-ku, Tokyo). Using household items and science experiments, Kurita Group employees taught children about the many different roles and abilities of water, and water’s importance.
Feedback from children included the desire to be more careful with water use, and comments such as “I didn’t know much about water. It was a lot of fun to learn.”

The Kurita Group pavilion at KidZania Tokyo

The Universe - Water Reclamation Laboratory

As a project commemorating its 70th anniversary, Kurita opened a limited-time pavilion “The Universe - Water Reclamation Laboratory” at KidZania Tokyo (Koto-ku, Tokyo) from August 26 to September 1, 2019. Kurita Group employees helped to plan the event, which gave children a chance to learn about the differences between living on Earth and in outer space, and why it is necessary to reclaim water in outer space and how it is done.
At the Kurita Group pavilion, which was set up as a space station, children experienced the work of water reclamation researchers. Feedback included comments like, “I’d like to do this kind of fun work in the future.” Parents watching their children work in the space station commented, “I didn’t think real science experiments could be done at KidZania Tokyo,” and “I was surprised that people in outer space recycle and drink urine. The evolution of technology is amazing.”

Kurita booth at EcoPro 2019

Water Reclamation Station

At the EcoPro 2019 exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 5 to 7, 2019, the Kurita Group, with the theme “Water in Space, and on Earth,” exhibited a Water Reclamation Station, a full-scale mockup of the water recovery system that has been carrying out verification tests on the International Space Station since November 2019.
Kurita Group employees conducted a “water reclamation tour” in which visitors learned about the mechanism of water reclamation in space and water issues on earth. Comments from children who participated included: “I found out how important water is in outer space,” “I realized how amazing it actually is that we can drink water safely in Japan,” “It made me want to find out more about the lives of people who go fetch water every day, and think about solutions.”

On-Site Classes

Taking part in JAXA Space Education Center’s Support for Formal Education Program

Kurita took part in planning classes for elementary, junior high, and high schools conducted by the Space Education Center of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and conducted on-site classes.
Kurita’s employees, together with lecturers from the JAXA Space Education Center, taught classes on the theme of outer space and water, giving children an opportunity to learn about the importance of natural resources.
Children’s comments from the post-class questionnaire included: “It made me want to use water carefully. I don’t want to leave the tap running so much.” “I want to know if there are other water treatment technologies. I want to find out more about water-related issues on earth, and help find solutions.”

Participation in “Work-Work Learning”

On September 11, 2019, Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. took part as one of the lecturers in a “Work-Work Learning” program held by Goka Junior High School in Ibaraki Prefecture. “Work-Work Learning” is a social learning program that aims to allow first-year students at the junior high school to interact with various companies and organizations based in the city and think seriously about the significance of a profession and work.
This is the third time for Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. to participate in this program.
Employees of Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. told students about the difficulties and the fun of manufacturing and the importance to society of water treatment.

Contest Sponsorship

JSEC 2019 Award Ceremony

17th Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC 2019)

The Japan Science & Engineering Challenge (JSEC) is a free-study research contest in science and engineering for high school and technical college in Japan that has been held annually since 2003.
Kurita sponsored JSEC2019 and Kurita employees held a seminar on “Corporate Research and Development” for the year’s finalists, offering advice and encouragement to students thinking about their future.
Furthermore, Kurita awarded the Kurita Water Industries Award to Ayaka Maeda of Notre Dame Seishin Gakuen Seishin Girls’ High School (Okayama Prefecture), for her water and environment-related research project “Diurnal Fluctuations in Water Absorption Efficiency of Rice (Oryza sativa) Based on Aquaporin Expression and Stomatal Opening and Closing Rhythms.”

Achievements to Date