Corporate Citizenship ActivitiesImprovement of Issues Related to Water Resources and Public Health

Activities Policy in This Area

The Kurita Group will strive as necessary to improve issues with freshwater resources such as rivers, lakes and marshes, and seas and oceans, including initiatives in the Water Resilience Coalition. The Kurita Group will also contribute to improvement of water access and preventing the spread of infectious diseases by providing support for the construction and repair of sanitation facilities for people facing problems with water, sanitation and hygiene.

Achievements in FY2023

Support for New Construction and Repair of Water and Sanitation Facilities

Support for the activities of Reach Alternatives (REALs)

The latrine block and the installed
safety light in Mangateen IDP camp

Kurita has continued to provide financial support for this organization since fiscal 2019, to support the people fleeing from violent conflicts and natural disasters at the Mangateen IDP camp in Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan.
In fiscal 2023, the organization repaired and maintained 3 latrine blocks and installed safety light beside each latrine block. This has enabled approximately 3,000 people to use latrines and improved water and sanitation conditions. In particular, women and children can now safely go to the latrines without fears even at nights.
In fiscal 2024, in addition to repair and maintenance of boreholes and latrines to enable access to clean water and good sanitary environment, the organization will conduct trainings on prevention of conflict over water, and awareness-raising activities for sanitation and gender-based violence prevention.

Support for the activities of WaterAid Japan

The completed wastewater treatment
system in Unnao district
(Courtesy of WaterAid India)

Kurita has supported people facing water, sanitation and hygiene issues by continuing to provide financial support to the organization since fiscal 2019.
In fiscal 2023, the organization installed a wastewater treatment system in Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh, India, and improved the problem of health hazards caused by household wastewater. They also provided safe drinking water by distributing fluoride removal filters for home use.
In fiscal 2024, the organization will install new wastewater treatment systems in the district and show the systems to the local government and community as models of wastewater treatment. They will also conduct trainings on the maintenance and management of the systems for community, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of preserving and conserving water.