History & Achievements

The Kurita Group has a 60-years-long history of experience as a leading company in the fields of water and the environment.

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Founded initially as a water treatment chemical business (boiler water treatment chemicals).


Start-up of selling boiler water treatment chemicals

The founder of the Company star ts selling boiler water treatment chemicals based on boiler technology for large ships.


Boiler Water Supply Laboratory established.

(Photo: Facility after it was renamed the Central Research institute)


Entry into the water treatment facilities business

Capitalizing on sales of deionizer for the pretreatment of boiler water supplies, the Company moves into the water treatment facilities business, thus developing its business into a comprehensive water treatment business covering chemicals and facilities.


Start-up of chemical cleaning business

New expansion into chemical cleaning services, where boiler interiors are cleaned using chemical technology.


Expansion of maintenance services

An organization specializing in maintenance services is established with a view to expanding after-sales services and maintenance operations for water treatment facilities.


KK Suzuki Shokai established a chemical cleaning company (now Kurita Engineering Co., Ltd.).


Kansai Kurita Seibi KK. established as a maintenance company for water treatment facilities (predecessor of Kurita Technical Service Co., Ltd.).


Expansion into process treatment chemicals

Develops chemicals that increase productivity in the pulp and paper, petrochemical and steel industries, where large volumes of water are used, as the Company broadens the scope of its business from water treatment chemicals to production process treatment chemicals.


Entry into the electronics Industry

As water of a higher degree of purity is needed to further miniaturize the semiconductor manufacturing processes,ultrapure water production technology is developed.


Kurita do Brasil LTDA. established to manufacture and sell water treatment chemicals in Brazil.

Kurita do Brasil LTDA.


Kurita Operation and Maintenance Services, Ltd. established as a water treatment facilities operation and maintenance company (now Kuritaz Co., Ltd.).


Kurita (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. established as Kurita's water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities business base in Southeast Asia. Kurita (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. established as Kurita's water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities business base in Southeast Asia.


PT Kurita Indonesia established to carry out the production and sale of water treatment chemicals in Indonesia.


Deployment of precision tool cleaning business

Sales channels established for the electronics business and chemical cleaning technology developed to date are used for the Company's entry into the cleaning business for tools and jigs used in semiconductor manufacturing devices.


Kurita (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. established to conduct water treatment chemical manufacturing and sales in Taiwan.


Kurita Europe GmbH established in Germany as Kurita's base in Europe for water treatment chemical production and sales.


Goshu Chemical Co., Ltd. established to conduct water treatment chemical manufacturing and sales in Thailand (now Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.).


Launch of soil remediation Services

As soil pollution increasingly becomes a major social problem, the Company commenced soil remediation service operations based on the water treatment technology it had thus far developed.


Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd. established as Kurita's base in China for water treatment chemical production and sales.


Kurita America, Inc. established in the United States to conduct water treatment facilities sales and maintenance services.


Kurita Water Industries Ltd. merges with maintenance company Kurita Technical Service Co., Ltd.


Acquires an equity stake in Hansu Technical Service Ltd., which is involved in the production, sales and maintenance of water treatment facilities in Korea.


Land Solution Inc. established as a consulting company dealing in soil remediation.


Start of consulting services for hedging soil pollution risks

Start of business involving the hedging of pollution risks and schemes to facilitate the smooth liquidation of land that has been restored to a safe condition based on soil remediation successes to date.


Kuritec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established as Kurita's base in China for import, sales and maintenance services of water treatment facilities.


Launch of ultrapure water supply business

Launch of outsourcing business in which Kurita owns, operates and manages facilities for customers, supplying them with ultrapure water. A business model is developed that represents a fusion of technology, products and services developed to date across chemicals, facilities and maintenance arms of the business.


Integration of precision tool cleaning business units from Group companies and establishment of Kuritec Service Co., Ltd.


Analysis divisions from Group companies integrated to establish Kurita Analysis Service Co., Ltd.



Kurita Water Industries (Suzhou) Ltd. established as a water treatment facilities production and sales base in China.


Kurita Global Technology Center established through the integration of research and development facilities.


Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. established as a new subsidiary to manufacture water treatment chemicals.


Launch of S. sensing, a new water treatment management service in water treatment chemicals business.


Commencement of the ultrapure water supply business in Korea

Began supply of ultrapure water to a Korean semiconductor manufacturer.


Acquires water solution, paper solution and aluminum compound businesses of BK Giulini GmbH from Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL); establishes Kurita Europe APW GmbH.


Kurita Europe GmbH and Kurita Europe APW GmbH merged into a company (named Kurita Europe GmbH).


Kurita Polska SP.z.o.o. established in Poland as a water treatment chemicals sales company.


Acquired Fremont Industries, LLC, a US water treatment chemicals manufacturing and sales company.


Kurita-GK Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) and Kurita Middle East FZE (United Arab Emirates) established as water treatment chemicals sales companies.


Kurita R&D Asia Pte.Ltd. established in Singapore as a new R&D base.


Acquires additional equity of equity method affiliate Hansu Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary.


Acquired a stake in Fracta, Inc., a U.S. Startup, and makes the company its subsidiary.


Launches a recycled water supply service that contributes to solving water resource problems

Launches a service contract business in which the company reclaims a variety of wastewater generated in plants and factories and purifies it into water of reusable quality for manufacturing or similar processes (recycled water).


Acquired U.S. Water Services, Inc. (United States), a company that manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals and facilities.


Acquired Avista Technologies, Inc. in the United States, and Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd., which manufacture and sell RO chemicals.


Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd. established as a new company offering total solutions for water treatment.


Kurita's consolidated subsidiaries in the United States, namely U.S. Water Services, Inc., Kurita America Inc. and Fremont Industries, LLC integrated to make a fresh start as Kurita America Inc.


Pentagon Technologies Group, Inc., a U.S.-based precision tool cleaning company, reorganized into a subsidiary.


Kurita Engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kurita, integrated into Kurita through an absorption-type merger.


Water treatment chemical companies in the Middle East, namely Kurita AquaChemie Ltd., Kurita Aquachemie Saudi Arabia Co., and Kurita AquaChemie
FZE made into group companies.


Acquired Keytech Water Management, a Canadian water treatment chemicals company.


Kurita Innovation Hub established as a new R&D facility to create innovations.