Kurita’s productsPlant cleaning

The dirt that sticks to or blocks boilers, heat exchangers, piping and other equipment is cleaned in order to ensure the safety and efficient operation of large power generation and industrial plants. In addition to optimum cleaning tailored to the properties of adhering substances and status and lifecycle of equipment, we provide total cleaning solutions including preventive maintenance through anti-corrosion and anti-fouling treatment, and treatment of the wastewater generated from cleaning.

Chemical cleaning

A wide range of chemicals are used for various adhering substances that are dissolved for removal.

Physical cleaning

Adhering substances are removed with high-pressure water cleaning or pigging (where a cleaning tool that matches the inner diameter of a pipe is inserted into and passed through a pipe with water pressure or other forces).

Wastewater treatment using temporary equipment

Based on the properties of the wastewater, temporary equipment such as tanks and wastewater treatment units are installed and combined with waste water treatment chemicals to treat wastewater until it falls below effluent standards without placing a burden on the customer's wastewater treatment facility.