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Delivering epoch-making products and services that achieve a high treatment effect at an optimal cost

Based on its original technologies and know-how cultivated for over 60 years, Kurita provides water treatment facilities and water treatment chemicals displaying excellent performances at low costs, as well as IT sensing technology to efficiently maintain the water treatment facilities. Kurita also offers a lineup of standard-type water treatment systems to reduce the design and construction time.
Kurita provides high cost performance products and services to help customers save costs. There are a lot of things that water treatment technologies can achieve.

Kurita’s standard-type wastewater treatment system that significantly reduces onsite construction work to reduce the cost

Kurita’s standard-type wastewater treatment system is a groundbreaking new system that amazingly removes the necessity for concrete water tanks. We have developed the system with a thorough focus on the hardware aspect to save costs, and adopted tower tanks 10 meters high and made from FRP instead of concrete, thus achieving compact standard unit modules including peripheral equipment. Tower tanks, which do not require large-scale civil engineering work and allow easy installation, have made it possible to significantly reduce the construction period as well as reduce the initial cost by 40% compared to our conventional system.
Kurita will continue to create epoch-making products and systems that meet customers’ needs from an innovative viewpoint and with our high technological capability.

A system that can optimally control the amount of use of wastewater treatment chemicals

Water treatment chemicals are used for wastewater treatment. Kurita has established a control system that prevents the shortage or excessive injection of chemicals required for coagulation treatment and optimally controls the amount of use. Using laser beams to monitor coagulation, the changes in the treatment condition can be quickly identified and the injection of chemicals can be automatically controlled.
Through optimizing the amount of chemicals used and labor saving for operation management, we will help customers reduce their total costs.