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In the food industry, filtrate water and pure water are mainly used in the different food manufacturing processes. Kurita Water Industries offers a range of products such as filtration systems that use membranes and deionizers that combine things such as RO (reverse osmosis) membrane water treatment chemicals, ion-exchange resins, and continuously regenerating-type deionizers. Kurita Water Industries also offers a number of wastewater treatment systems, including biochemical treatment systems that treat organic wastewater.

Manufacturing process and water treatment flow

An example of the food manufacturing process in which the quality of industrial water and wastewater is stabilized through water treatment.

  1. (Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.

For customers in the food and beverage industries who give top priority to the safety of their products, Kurita Water Industries sells the KURITIGHT Series, a line of highly safe boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals that are produced solely from food and food additives. Kurita Water Industries manufactures the KURITIGHT products on dedicated lines separate from other production lines under strict in-depth sanitation management to prevent other raw materials and foreign substances from being mixed in.