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June 20, 2014

Kurita Develops and Begins Sale of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals Produced Solely from Food Additives
Expands Lineup of its Safety-focused KURITIGHT Series from Boilers to Cooling Water

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) has developed and commenced the sale of KURITIGHT CW and KURITIGHT CX, extremely safe cooling water treatment chemicals produced solely from food additives. Utilizing the chemical technologies of the KURITIGHT Series(*1) cultivated in the field of boiler water treatment, Kurita pursues safety in cooling water treatment and contributes to energy and water savings by preventing damage due to corrosion, scale, slime and so on. Through these advances, Kurita will offer even broader water treatment options that meet customers’ demands for safety and security, from boilers to cooling water.

The KURITIGHT Series is a proprietary line of Kurita products produced solely from food and food additives. In 2002, Kurita began selling the KURITIGHT series as a boiler treatment chemical to customers looking to eliminate product safety risks. In 2013, Kurita bolstered its market expansion with the addition of new products boasting vastly enhanced treatment performance to its lineup. However, in response to the growing needs of customers trying to obtain food safety system certifications such as FSSC22000 for similar highly-safe water treatment chemicals for cooling water treatment, Kurita decided to expand the KURITIGHT product concept to cooling water treatment and took on the development of new technologies.

The result of these efforts is the commercialization of KURITIGHT CW for open cooling water systems(*2) and KURITIGHT CX for closed cooling water systems(*2). While blending food additive materials that are suited to cooling water treatment and ensuring a high level of safety, Kurita has succeeded in the practical realization of water treatment chemicals exhibiting effects equivalent to previous products. KURITIGHT CW possesses corrosion prevention, scale dispersion and slime control features, and effectively prevents iron and copper corrosion thanks to a newly discovered behavior in chemical materials. Moreover, as the metal corrosiveness that caused issues with the slime control materials using food additives are inhibited and the active ingredients penetrate deep down to the inside of slime, microbe activity is reduced to reliably sterilize against legionella. In addition, by combining the product with KURITIGHT CX, which prevents corrosion in equipment such as refrigerators and heat exchangers in closed cooling water systems, safe water treatment and stable chemical effects are achieved across all processes of cooling water systems.

As it expands and upgrades the KURITIGHT Series lineup, Kurita will propose comprehensive solutions for highly safe boiler treatment chemicals and cooling water treatment chemicals to promote solutions to the issues its customers face. By contributing to facility maintenance, stable operations and the conservation of energy and water in a way that meets the needs for safety and security on the part of food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants, related businesses, medical facilities and other customers, Kurita will strive to create new market and expand its market share.

See the following supplementary materials for details concerning *1 and *2.

  • *KURITIGHT is a registered trademark of Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

<Supplementary Materials>

  • *1:KURITIGHT Series
    The KURITIGHT series comprises extremely safe water treatment chemicals produced solely from food and food additives. To prevent contamination with other raw materials or foreign matter at the manufacturing stage, dedicated manufacturing lines are installed for all products in the series and stringent safety control is implemented. In addition, as well as implementing thorough quality control by conducting quality checks and component analyses on raw materials and products during each process from accepting raw materials, manufacturing and inspection to shipment, following shipment details such as pre-shipment inspection results and product information are disclosed to customers through a traceability system.
  • *2:Open Cooling Water Systems and Closed Cooling Water Systems
    • (1)Open Cooling Water Systems
      This is a cyclic usage system where after being used once and increasing in temperature, cooling water is cooled through direct contact with outside air through a cooling tower. Due to the contact with outside air, part of the cooling water evaporates and causes the condensation of hardness components such as calcium and corrosive ions such as chloride ions and sulfate ions, producing scales and corrosion. In addition, organic substances brought in from the outside area work as nutrient sources in the generation of slime.
    • (2)Closed Cooling Water Systems
      This is system that indirectly cools cooling water through a refrigerator or other equipment when it rises in temperature through heat exchange once it is used. As the cooling water does not evaporate no condensation occurs, and less scale and slime are generated because there is no contact with outside air. However, corrosion does occur in piping, refrigeration units and heat exchangers.