ServicesServices to support the effective use of land after purification

Soil and groundwater pollution is one of the issues facing modern society. Land Solution*, which specializes in soil and groundwater remediation services within the Kurita Group, leverages the technologies and expertise cultivated in water treatment to provide integrated services that cover everything from the inspection of contamination to its clean-up.
The significant advantage of Kurita’s services come from its approach to the asset value of land as well as purification. The contamination of soil and groundwater might even lower the corporate value of a company that owns the land. If contamination is confirmed, Kurita reduces the risk that the land price may fall as a result of contaminated soil and groundwater after quantifying the risk by employing the best method to calculate the purification costs and period. It then provides a wide range of solution services that look at the soil contamination risk from the economic perspective to support the effective use of land after purification, such as by diagnosing the soil contamination risk related to real estate transactions and formulating a selling scheme and a post-purification redevelopment plan.

Kurita possesses the experience, technologies and expertise backed up by a track record of over 4,000 inspection and clean-up projects. We also cater to a wide range of customer needs from the perspectives of land liquidation and utilization, including the establishment of an inspection fund to support risk hedging and funding related to soil and groundwater pollution, the purchase of contaminated land and the assurance of cleanup costs.
Capitalizing on these strengths, Kurita seeks to maximize the asset value of customers’ land by not only conducting inspection and purification work, but also hedging the contamination risk and offering support for the effective use of the remediated safe land and its sale.

Adding new value by solving land asset issues caused by soil and groundwater contamination. This is Kurita’s approach to the soil and groundwater remediation business.