SolutionsImprovement of Production Efficiency and Product Quality

Contributing to the improvement of production efficiency and product quality through water in the manufacturing process of customers

Manufacturing processes are ever evolving in each industry.
Water is involved in the manufacturing processes of various products, notably including leading-edge electronic devices, and water treatment technology plays an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality.
We share with customers the issues in manufacturing processes and fully utilize our leading-edge water treatment technology to solve such issues. Kurita, which studies the properties of water and masters them, will continue to contribute to the evolution of manufacturing together with customers.

Kurita’s Ultrapure water is evolving together with technological innovation of customers. We will continue to pursue its purity.

Ultrapure water, which is nearly theoretically pure water (H2O), is indispensable for manufacturing semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. It is one of the most advanced technologies for water treatment and its purity significantly affects the quality and yield of products. Seeking to meet the growing need related to the miniaturization and increasingly larger capacity of electronic devices, Kurita has pursued technology to remove impurities to the maximum in order to increase the purity of ultrapure water. Kurita continues to further pursue purification in an effort to produce the world’s purest Ultrapure water.
We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing processes of customers and identify and share their issues.
Then we provide measures to solve these issues using highly advanced water treatment technologies. These individual activities will lead to the technological innovation of customers and further to the development of industries.

Kurita’s featured technologies contribute to the development of various industries.

Kurita provides technologies contributing to increasing production efficiency in manufacturing processes in various fields, including not only the electronics industry but also the pharmaceutical, food, paper and oil refinery industries. For example, in the paper manufacturing process in which a large amount of water is used to manufacture products, the water quality significantly affects the quality and yield of products and therefore appropriate water treatment is required. Kurita contributes to stable production of high-quality paper products by providing water treatment chemicals to maintain optimal water quality, monitoring water quality at various locations in the manufacturing process and precisely controlling the chemical injection in accordance with the fluctuation of water quality.
Kurita also promotes the business to clean the manufacturing tools and jigs of customers to achieve theimprovement of their productivity.