ServicesWater supply and other contracted services

Kurita meets the essential needs of its customers through the provision of services. It offers them water treatment "solutions" in the form of a contracted business for which they pay, instead of providing them with "goods" such as water treatment facilities that they purchase. Typical services include a contract for supplying pure water and steam. All these services are provided through Kurita's own business model in which it is entrusted with all the water treatment services, from the set-up of the facilities to operation management and maintenance. It then charges customers for the stable supply of the pure water and steam they demand.

Ultrapure water supply contract

The ultrapure water used for semiconductor and liquid crystal production always requires a high degree of purity. In addition, ultrapure water exercises a strong influence on the yield of products and is extremely important, which means that customers must use it in a stable manner. Kurita provides a service of selling pure water that presents an alternative to the conventional business style of selling ultrapure water production systems.
In Kurita's ultrapure water supply business, customers do not need to purchase and own production systems. With an ultrapure water supply contract, Kurita builds and owns the facilities inside the factories of customers, and provides a total package of services that include operation, management, and maintenance, supplying customers with the ultrapure water they demand. Customers purchase the ultrapure water supplied by the facilities. The basic contract period is 10 years, and customers simply pay for water they use. In addition to the stable water supply, during the contract period Kurita provides customers with multi-faceted value by reducing their burden, such as through investment funds, the cultivation of human resources, and operation management.

Selling only water and not the facilities. Supporting all the water-related services together customers. This is Kurita's approach to the ultrapure water supply business.

Steam supply contract

Heating systems of large complexes such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centers use steam made by boilers. Plant facilities also use steam for things such as humidification and heating.
Kurita offers contracted service for supplying steam. As the water treatment specialist, Kurita sets up the necessary facilities, such as boilers, and sells steam in the cubic meter by undertaking contracts for various services ranging from the operation of facilities to the monitoring of water treatment status and maintenance. The contracted service also helps customers cut down on energy and costs because it guarantees the quality of the water supply and steam and the supplied amount of steam. It also offers consulting that makes use of Kurita's technologies and expertise.
Kurita's steam supply contract is a service that provides customers with safety and security by meeting their boiler plant-related water and environmental needs without any capital investment.