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When automobiles are manufactured, each vehicle is painted by spraying a mist (paint mist) onto the car body and other parts. This process is referred to as the paint booth, and it ensures the beautiful finishing of car bodies and components and rust proofing. The excess paint that does not to cling to the car body and parts in the paint booth falls to the floor and is collected by water. This water is used as recycling water after removing the paint with water treatment chemicals. However, if the chemicals fail to remove all the paint, various problems caused by the paint remaining in the water will occur, such as the clogging of the plumbing and pumps for recycling water, the generation of foul odors from the recycling water tank, the diminished capacity to remove paint mist from inside the booth, and the corrosion of the exhaust air duct. To solve these problems arising in the paint booth, Kurita Water Industries offers the Kuristuck Series, which is a line of water treatment chemicals that help remove paint from water and prevent foul orders from developing in the recycling water.

Water treatment in a painting boothw

An example of the automobile manufacturing process in which the Kuristuck Series helps to reduce the environmental impact.

  1. (Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.