ServicesWater treatment consultation and information services

Kurita has established the Kurita Customer Relationship Center (KCR Center) as a support center for addressing and resolving the water treatment-related issues of customers through the use of its own accumulated water treatment technologies and expertise.
The KCR Center responds to inquiries about water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities from customers in a timely manner. It also provides services to comprehensively offer information on products and technologies related to water treatment.
The KCR Center is unique in offering Kurita’s original services unlike those provided by other companies. It brings together the call center, online, and e-mail news services all under one roof. A new support system for water treatment chemicals has been created using the call center services. Swift proposals for optimal solutions are provided by dedicated personnel familiar with water treatment, and who are able to accurately understand customers’ circumstances from both the chemical and facility perspectives. In the online services, the portal is now equipped with a new page that focuses on water treatment chemicals, providing new information on products for different business types and for different types of water treatment. It also offers information about the characteristics of new technologies. This allows Kurita to offer optimal solutions that capitalize on products and technologies in the fields of water treatment chemicals and facilities, and its unique high value-added proposals that integrate the technologies of both domains in combination with past examples of introduction. With the e-mail new service, which is linked to the online services, information is provided about products and technologies to help improve the wastewater and water used in production processes. Information is also provided about how to reduce water treatment costs and water consumption, reuse of wastewater, streamline equipment management, and make other general improvements to the operation of customer plants.
Kurita will work to offer a wider variety of information through the services at the KCR Center. It seeks to construct long-term trust relationships with customers by satisfying a more extensive range of customer needs, and further improving the quality and source of solutions in resolving their problems through the provision of optimal solutions that help improve the overall operation of customer plants, taking advantage of the comprehensive capabilities of the Kurita Group.

(Reference illustration) The KCR Center’s Services