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Solving the energy-saving issue faced by customers using our creative technologies

Energy saving is an issue common to all customers. It is very important to efficiently use energy without causing environmental impact. Aiming to increase the efficiency of energy use and reduce CO2 emissions, Kurita will widely provide products, technologies and services that exert high energy-saving effects and will also focus on the activities to achieve energy creation, thus helping customers solve their energy-saving issues.

Achieving further boiler energy saving with a focus on an epochmaking chemicals material, "newly developed multi-functional polymer"

Kurita endeavors to help customers in all types of businesses save energy through water treatment.
Here, water treatment chemicals for boilers, or the origin of the foundation of Kurita Water Industries, are taken as an example. Boilers are installed in largescale facilities, such as factories, hospitals and shopping centers. In boilers, a fuel, such as heavy oil, is burnt to heat water and the steam generated is used to indirectly heat air and water. If the water in boilers (boiler water) contains hardness components such as calcium ions, these components are solidified when water evaporates and they generate scale or adhering substances in boilers, which decreases thermal conductivity.
To maintain the required volume of steam under these conditions, the amount of heat by burning must be increased, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption.
To prevent the fuel efficiency of boilers from decreasing due to the generation of scale, Kurita has developed an epoch-making chemicals material that not only disperses hardness components contained in boiler water but also quickly cleans and removes the adhering scale. Thanks to the function of this newly developed multi-functional polymer, The inside of boilers can be always kept clean and a high energy-saving effect can be achieved.
In pursuit of further energy saving, we also provide various other services contributing to energy saving by, for example, providing a new boiler treatment system with a combination of pre-treatment equipment that removes impurities other than hardness components and the newly developed multi-functional polymer. We also offer a packaged contract business whereby we comprehensively undertake the operation and maintenance of boilers to efficiently provide steam to customers.

Kurita’s total solutions in boiler water treatment

Kurita also provides services to clean the inside of boilers. Chemicals are used to clean deposits inside boilers with a complicated structure, thus contributing to energy saving in a wide range of boilers from steam boilers for industrial use to boilers for power generation. Kurita will continue to provide total solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Carrier-type anaerobic water treatment system to achieve not only energy saving but also energy creation

Kurita’s biological treatment technologies have a top-class proven track record in Japan in wastewater treatment. Among others, the carrier-type anaerobic water treatment system, carrier-type anaerobic water treatment system, exhibits a particularly high energy-saving effect. This system, which can reduce electricity consumption to about a half the level of an aerobic system, uses the resin carriers (where microorganisms live) originally developed by Kurita and displays high treatment effects for wastewater with a low concentration of organic matter, which was difficult for the conventional anaerobic treatment, thereby providing a broad range of customers with the merit of energy saving. Furthermore, Kurita offers a system that effectively uses the biogas generated from this system as a fuel for power generation, contributing to customers’ energy generation as well.