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May 23, 2014

Kurita Develops a Multi-Functional Polymer Material for Boiler Water Treatment with Both Dispersion and Removal Effects for Scale
Contributing to Customer’s Energy-Saving by Keeping Boiler Facilities Continuously Cleaned

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) has developed a multi-functional polymer material that has, for the first, a scale removal effect (*1) in addition to the existing scale dispersion effect present in other chemicals used for boiler water treatment. Kurita will add the polymer to its current line of water treatment chemicals, an innovation that aims to support customers’ energy-saving efforts and to strengthen Kurita’s business presence in the boiler water treatment market.

With the improved fuel efficiency of boiler facilities, due for example to the use of special circulation boilers(Small Once-through boilers), water treatment has become increasingly important. Since scale adhering to the boiler can block heat exchange and cause various troubles in the facility, water treatment chemicals that help prevent scale adhesion and maintain the thermal efficiency and durability of facilities are essential. However, as existing chemical materials only have the dispersion effect, the hardness components (*2) inside the boiler will turn to scale when the chemicals’ treatment capacity is exceeded, and the scale will need to be removed with another methods (*3).

In response to this problem, Kurita has reviewed its existing polymer materials and succeeded in developing a new one that has not only the dispersion effect but also the removal effect of scale. With this new function, not only can the scale components inside the boiler be thoroughly dispersed but also the adhesion of scale can be prevented and, if scale occurs, it can be removed quickly and effectively. This new function enables the boiler’s heating surface to be continuously cleaned, and by maintaining the performance and stable operation of high-efficiency boilers, Kurita will contribute to its customers’ energy-saving efforts. Also, because this new material has extremely low corrosive effect on metals, it is not necessary to add another additional items to prevent corrosion that was indispensable when using an existing scale removable agent (*3), a stable treatment effect can be achieved with only one chemical under normal operating conditions. In response to a wide range of customer needs, the use of the new polymer material can also contribute to water savings by reducing the amount of water wasted during the boiler blowdown process.

Kurita has been developing its unique products for water treatment chemicals for boilers since its founding. To provide further solutions and fulfill customers’ needs, Kurita will add various types of products, compounded with the polymer, and further strengthen its business development targeted for the market through promoting its sales inside and outside of Japan as the leading product.

  • *1Scale: Hardness components or silica solids that precipitate and adhere inside the boiler. It leads to significant reductions in heat transfer, fuel efficiency, and the boiler’ s durability.
  • *2Hardness components: Calcium and/or magnesium ions naturally present in the water supplied to the boiler
  • *3Generally, when a scale adhesion occurs, a scale removal agent, such as a chelate agent, is added to the chemical that is commonly used.