ServicesRemote monitoring services

Kurita defines IT sensing technology as the foundation of solutions provided to customers, and visualizes the water treatment status using its original system to provide services for the remote monitoring of customers' water treatment conditions. The purpose of these services is to monitor the water treatment conditions and effects of treatment on a real-time basis with customers at their sites, and to share information about water treatment issues that need to be addressed together so that Kurita can quickly implement more beneficial solutions to all the issues customers face.
One area in which these services are applied is the water treatment chemicals business. We analyze the water quality of target facilities on a daily basis and report the analysis results to customers. We have also launched a new water treatment management service called "S.sensing," with the aim of building higher value-added systems for customers by visualizing the water treatment effect more directly. We will realize optimal water treatment in real time with a system that combines Kurita's original core technologies for measurement, analysis, control, and monitoring by installing the sensing equipment in the plant facilities of customers.
With this system, we will be able to control and optimize chemicals injected in response to changes in water quality on a real-time basis at the target facilities where water treatment chemicals are used, based on the automatic analysis of the effective density of chemicals and the water treatment effect, along with conventional services to monitor data such as water quality, the amounts of the chemicals injected, and the remaining amounts of chemicals. The items of measured data are instantly transferred to Kurita's server, allowing us to check the water treatment management status as needed from a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet terminal connected to the Internet.

Kurita will promote higher-quality solutions, such as the ex-ante prediction of problems, the realization of more efficient water treatment specifications, the improvement of productivity, and the reduction of the environmental impact by sharing various kinds of information with customers through the S.sensing services. This information includes items such as the status and effect of water treatment management, the operation data of water treatment facilities, and trends of other temporal changes.

Mechanism of S.sensing

  • Using original sensors to automatically control chemical concentrations and water treatment effects
  • Automated collection of measurement data and control results through communication lines
  • Confirmation of chronological data and analysis reports over the Internet

Screens for managing water treatment status with S.sensing

  • Cooling water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment

Cooling-water treatment control screen using S.sensing®

Waste water treatment