SolutionsConservation of the Environment and Resources

Reducing environmental impact using our technologies cultivated through studying water to fully utilize limited resources

Kurita’s solutions are not limited to water but expand to include the whole environmental field. Using featured technologies to reduce the impact on the global environment, such as those to reduce the waste generated by water treatment and recycle it as new resources as well as those to remediate soil and groundwater, Kurita has been creating highly value-added solutions that only we can create. We utilize our technologies and abundant knowledge cultivated by studying water to promote not only environmental conservation but also effective use of resources, thus contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

We broadly create new value using our featured technologies, which range from reducing waste and recycling it as new resources to remediating contaminated soil.

In the biological treatment of wastewater, whereby microorganisms are used to decompose organic matter, excess sludge made of propagated microorganisms that is generated as waste causes a problem. Kurita has pursued the issue of how to reduce excess sludge and developed biological treatment technologies with various features.
One of the examples is an aerobic biological treatment system in which the food chain mechanism in the natural world is applied to wastewater treatment. Using our original technology applying the ecological mechanism, whereby minute animals such as rotifers eat microorganisms propagated by eating organic matter, we have made it possible to reduce the generation of excess sludge by up to 70% as compared to conventional systems.
Furthermore, Kurita promotes recycling organic waste, such as excess sludge, utilizing the technology to treat a variety of organic waste to turn it to useful resources, such as biogas and carbide.
Kurita also fully employs a broad range of technologies and water treatment know-how through the operation and maintenance services of water treatment facilities of customers to reduce waste and decrease environmental impact for the customers.

Kurita remediates soil through the integration of the Group's comprehensive capabilities.

We reclaim the earth and add new value. As a water treatment specialist, Kurita utilizes its know-how to provide integrated services from soil contamination survey to remediation of contaminated soil. Instead of merely replacing contaminated soil, Kurita locates a contamination source under a factory even if it is in operation and remediates the soil using its original technologies. Furthermore, Kurita provides consulting services, which cover the soil contamination risk assessment and utilization of the land after remediation, and integrates the Group’s comprehensive capabilities to provide all soil-related solutions.