Our BusinessOverseas Business: North and South Americas

Expanding the Solutions Business by Strengthening the Business Platform for Future Growth

In the U.S. market, Kurita America, Inc., was established in 1996, and has been working to expand sales of ultrapure water production systems mainly for the semiconductor market in the water treatment facilities business, and to develop markets for water treatment chemicals, mainly targeting customers in the oil refining, petrochemical and energy industries. To accelerate the development of operations across the U.S., the Kurita Group acquired Fremont Industries, LLC, which manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals, in 2017, and U.S. Water Services, Inc. which manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals and facilities, in 2019. The Group has also taken steps to expand the solutions business, enhancing the lineup of unique technologies and services by acquiring shares of Fracta, Inc., a venture company and a pioneer in utilizing AI in the water area, and Avista Technologies, Inc., which manufactures and sells reverse osmosis (RO) chemicals.

In South America, Kurita do Brasil LTDA. has manufactured and sold water treatment chemicals in Brazil for about 40 years. It has been developing businesses close to customers in the markets for automobiles, steel, chemicals and food, centered on leading locally affiliated oil and steel companies. Now, it focuses on the development of new markets in areas such as sugar production and ethanol, and expanding sales of new products such as RO membrane water treatment chemicals. It works to solve issues with customers in South America, a region that is expected to experience a high level of growth.

Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates