SolutionsWater Saving/Effective Utilization of Water Resources

Exerting comprehensive capabilities in water technology to make the most of limited water resources

We are facing increasingly serious water-related issues on a global scale. How to effectively utilize limited water resources is one of the most pressing issues for our customers. To resolve this issue, Kurita has realized recycled use of water in factories and contributes to minimizing the use of water in industries. We now have a proven track record of wastewater reclamation not only in Japan but also in various areas abroad where the needs for recycled use of water are significant.
We will continue to strengthen these activities to realize effective utilization of water resources together with our customers.

Reclaiming wastewater consistently in a stable manner – it is in this process that Kurita's comprehensive capabilities are utilized

To reclaim and recycle wastewater, it is essential to have technologies and know-how to appropriately manage the quality and amount of water at various locations from the entrances to the exits of a factory, and to optimize the way water is used throughout the factory. Kurita’s strengths reside not only in the fact that we can provide facilities to reclaim water but also that we have technologies and know-how to operate facilities stably and efficiently. Kurita will integrate its comprehensive capabilities not only in water treatment chemicals and operation management of facilities to maintain water quality at an optimal level but also in other areas, such as IT sensing technology that enables stable operation, thus allowing the complete (100%) recycling of wastewater and effective use of water resources. Here are solutions that can be provided only by Kurita, which is fully conversant with chemicals, facilities and maintenance services.

Overseas development of "cooling blow-off water reclamation systems"

There is a need to save water in factories in China and Southeast Asian countries, where the usage of industrial water is increasing year by year while water resources are scarce. For example, it is cooling water that is used most in petrochemical factories. Kurita has developed a system that reclaims and recycles up to 80% of large amounts of cooling blow-off water, which used to be discharged to the outside of the system. Through the combination of the respective technologies of chemicals and facilities to prevent trouble in the cooling system and remove dirt components from blow-off water, we have started using blow-off water reclamation systems as compact and high-treatment performance water reclamation systems mainly in overseas markets.