Kurita’s productsWater treatment equipment for professional use and products for general households

Kurita has manufactured and sold water treatment equipment for professional use and products for general households, applying the water technologies that we have developed since the time we were established. The products for professional-use are centered on water purifiers and water softeners to meet kitchen water needs and the need to save water at hotels and restaurants.
In terms of products for general households, we have enhanced the lineup of faucet products, offering filtration and water purification types as well as shower types. There is also the "Delicious Water from Kurita," which is only available through home delivery.

Water treatment equipment for professional use

Our ABIO series lineup for corporate customers that specialize in kitchens and facilities includes water purifiers, water softeners, and deionizers for use in hotels and restaurants.

Products for general households

We offer many different products for home use, such as water purifying faucets, filtration faucets, showing faucets, and air cleaning filters.

"Delicious Water from Kurita"

We offer two types of products with controlled mineral balance. They are packaged in environmentally friendly film and are completely antiseptic (no common bacteria per 1,000 ml).