Kurita Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

1. Objective of the Policy

The objective of this Policy is to promote occupational health and safety initiatives continuously at Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries (hereafter, the "Group companies "; Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and "Group companies" are hereafter collectively referred to as the "Kurita Group") in accordance with a policy which is common to the Kurita Group, by positioning occupational health and safety as the top priority in operating businesses, so as to ensure the occupational health and safety of officers, etc. (Directors, members of the Audit & Supervisory Board, Executive Officers, Corporate Officers, and personnel equivalent to them) and employees of Kurita Group (hereinafter referred to as, " Officers, etc. / Employees ") and create and maintain a comfortable work environment.

2. Policy

  1. (1)Compliance with laws
    The Kurita Group will observe laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety which apply in each country or region where it conducts business activities.
  2. (2)Investment of management resources
    The Kurita Group will strive to maintain and improve a safe, comfortable work environment by investing its management resources such as human resources, equipment, and funds.
  3. (3)Clarification of roles, authorities, and responsibilities
    The Kurita Group will clarify the roles, authorities, and responsibilities of occupational health and safety organizations and occupational health and safety managers of Group companies, so as to conduct autonomous, sustained occupational health and safety activities.
  4. (4)Setting occupational health and safety targets and developing and implementing plans
    The Kurita Group will have the occupational health and safety organizations of Group companies set targets for their occupational health and safety activities in accordance with business contents and regional characteristics of each company, as well as the laws and regulations which apply in each country, develop plans to achieve the targets, and implement the plans through the united efforts of employer and employees. In addition, the Kurita Group will conduct appropriate reviews based on the results of implementation and make continuous improvements.
  5. (5)Elimination and reduction of risk factors and hazards
    The Kurita Group will conduct risk assessments, identify risk factors and hazards to make improvements, and eliminate or reduce the risks.
  6. (6)Education and training
    The Kurita Group will provide education and training on occupational health and safety its officers, etc. / employees, and business partners and inform them thoroughly of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the objective, plans, and measures of its occupational health and safety activities.

3. Responsible department

The department responsible for this Policy shall be Ethics & Integrity Department Sustainability Division of Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

4. Changes, etc.

Any changes to this Policy shall be made in accordance with the Management Regulations for Policies and Regulations of Kurita Water Industries.

Supplemental Provisions

  1. (1)This Policy shall be enacted and come into force on April 1, 2018.
  2. (5)This Policy is in effect and were last updated on April 1, 2024.