Kurita Group Product Quality Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to set the framework for Kurita Water Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KWI") and its consolidated subsidiaries (hereinafter KWI and its consolidated subsidiaries are collectively referred to as "Kurita Group") to provide highly reliable products and services through appropriate quality activities. The aim of this is to ensure that we grow into a corporate group that is widely accepted not only by customers but also by society.

General Provisions

  1. (1)Each company of the Kurita Group will comply with the laws, rules, regulations, and social norms of each country and region applicable in its business activities and carry out quality activities.
  2. (2)Each company of the Kurita Group will establish necessary systems and standards for quality activities based on this Policy, secure resources, and promote appropriate quality activities.
  3. (3)Officers etc. (Directors, members of the Audit & Supervisory Board, Executive Officers, Corporate Officers, and personnel equivalent to them) and employees (hereinafter referred to as "Officers etc./Employees") of the Kurita Group will engage in appropriate quality activities by complying with this Policy in their business activities related to their products and services.
  4. (4)Officers etc./Employees of the Kurita Group will immediately report any observed or potential deviations of the quality activities from this Policy to the competent division.

Basic Policy

"The Kurita Group will continually provide safe and secure products and services that contribute to solving customer and societal issues, thereby winning unshakable trust."

Based on the Kurita Group's Materiality, each company of the Kurita Group will implement specific measures through the following approaches in a quality management system.

  1. (1)We will accurately understand the demands and expectations of our customers and delve into their backgrounds and examine any related factors, thereby striving to better understand their true needs.
  2. (2)We will build a system to accumulate and utilize the knowledge obtained from frontline sites (Gemba) and provide reliable products and services that are always based on the latest knowledge.
  3. (3)We will establish processes and standards for verifying, inspecting, and monitoring products and services, and keep records of those activities.
  4. (4)We will appropriately disclose information about products and services.

Confirmation and Improvement of Status of Quality Activities

Each company of the Kurita Group will continually confirm whether quality activities are being carried out appropriately by conducting self-inspections, having investigations done by the responsible person and his/her designee, and listening to the opinions and requests of customers, and improve the above on each occasion if any problem is identified.

Promotion System

  1. (1)Responsible Person
    KWI will promote quality activities based on this Policy by the Kurita Group, with the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) as the person in charge.
  2. (2)System of each group company
    Each company of the Kurita Group will clearly determine the quality assurance system, organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities, and engage in autonomous and continual quality activities based on this Policy.

Competent Division

The competent division of this Policy will be the Quality Assurance Department Supply Management Group Engineering Division of KWI.


KWI shall amend or abolish this Policy according to the Management Regulations for Policies and Regulations of KWI, based on trends in the laws, standards and criteria related to this Policy, and on the status of activities by the Kurita Group.