Kurita Group Procurement Policy

General Rules

  1. (1)Kurita Group will establish a system to engage in appropriate procurement activities based on Kurita Group Procurement Policy (hereinafter, "this Policy").
  2. (2)Each company among Kurita Group will prepare rules and regulations based on the matters set forth in this Policy and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, etc. of each country or each region.
  3. (3)Directors and employees of Kurita Group must comply with this Policy and ensure that appropriate procurement activities shall be carried out throughout the supply chain.
  4. (4)When directors and employees of Kurita Group discover any procurement activity that is in violation of, or any event that is suspected of being in violation of this Policy, shall immediately report such activity to competent division of Kurita.

Procurement Policy

Kurita Group will promote social responsibility-oriented procurement activities throughout its supply chain, share the recognition with suppliers and strive for mutual prosperity based on mutual trust, as follows:

  1. (1)To conduct transactions in consideration of basic human rights, occupational health and safety, and preservation of the global environment in compliance with laws and regulations as well as social norms;
  2. (2)To provide fair and equal business opportunities to the suppliers, to conduct transactions in reliable quality, at competitive and reasonable prices, based on appropriate specifications and standards;
  3. (3)To procure materials and services that enables continuous and stable supply of our products and services to customers, and contribute to the sustainable development of the society; and
  4. (4)To forbid entering into any transaction that would benefit antisocial forces or terrorist groups.

Confirmation and Improvement of Status of Procurement Activities

Kurita Group will periodically conduct an audit to confirm whether the procurement activities are carried out appropriately, and improve each and every issue detected during the audit.

Promotion System

  1. (1)Promotion Officer
    KWI shall assign Group Manager of the UX Group, Group Engineering Division, as the Promotion Officer, to promote appropriate procurement activities in the Kurita Group based on this Policy.
  2. (2)System in each group company
    Each company among Kurita Group shall assign their senior manager responsible for procurement in their organization as the Promotion Officer, to promote appropriate procurement activities based on this Policy.