Core TechnologySterilization and anti-bacterial technologies

Sterilization and anti-bacterial technologies are used to prevent deterioration in water quality caused by multiplication of microorganisms in the water, stopping slime from sticking to heat exchangers and separation membranes, and killing and controlling the spread of microorganisms.

For example, bacteria, mold, algae and other microorganisms that have multiplied in cooling water, etc. mix with sand, dust and other debris to form an ooze-like suspension, which reduces the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers, impedes the passage of water, and corrodes equipment and pipes.
These technologies prevent the multiplication of microorganisms because a component of the added chemical kills them by destroying their cell walls or inhibits their activity by altering the properties of the substances required for multiplication.

Kurita uses these sterilization and anti-bacterial technologies in the development of products such as cooling water treatment chemicals and RO membranes.