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February 1,2018

DReeM Polymer™ Wins Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Award as Part of 2017 Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Kurita Water Industries Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Michiya Kadota) is pleased to announce that its product DReeM Polymer™, a water treatment chemical for boilers, has won an Energy Conservation Center Chairman’s Award in the Products and Business Models category of the 2017 Energy Conservation Grand Prize, which is organized by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

The award was in recognition of the initiatives to achieve energy conservation applying the chemical product at plants and other customer business sites, and the underlying technologies. This marks the first time a technology related to water treatment chemicals has received an award as part of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

The Energy Conservation Grand Prize recognizes excellent energy conservation activities, advanced and high-efficiency energy conservation-oriented products and business models in the Japanese industrial, commercial and transportation sectors, and is run to deepen awareness of energy conservation, promote the widespread adoption of energy conservation-oriented products and help develop the energy conservation industry.

DReeM Polymer™ is a water treatment chemical product developed independently by Kurita Water Industries that maintains the cleanliness of boiler’s heating surface, which is essential pieces of the equipment that generate hot steam for industry and people’s daily lives. In addition to the scale(*1) dispersion performance demonstrated by conventional chemical products, the product combines a function to remove scale deposits, allowing even water containing scale components to be used as boiler feed water. This also allows waste heat and wastewater generated by a boiler to be reused, achieving energy and water conservation for the customer.
In one application, a customer had given up on recovering waste hot condensate due to contamination with scale components. The customer adopted DReeM Polymer™ and managed to reduce fuel usage associated with boiler operation by 13%, and reduce the amount of make-up water supply by 10%.

Boiler chemicals blended with this chemical product were launched on the market in 2014 and are today used at more than 1,200 customer sites in Japan. Kurita Water Industries has also expanded its worldwide deliveries to areas including Asia, Europe and the Americas, and regards DReeM Polymer™ as a high value-added product boasting global competitiveness.

In May last year, DReeM Polymer™ won the Environmental Technology Prize at the 49th JCIA Technology Award in recognition of its significant effect on reduction of environmental impact, and this latest award marks a continuation of the product’s recognition in the field.
Kurita Water Industries will continue to further promote the application of DReeM Polymer™ to help customers reduce their environmental impact, conserve energy and cut CO2 emissions.

Energy Conservation Grand Prize Award Ceremony, Exhibition and Description

The award ceremony for the 2017 Energy Conservation Grand Prize will be held on Wednesday, February 14 during the ENEX 2018 Energy and Environment Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight. Kurita Water Industries plans to set up a panel display and provide an explanation (presentation by the winner) of DReeM Polymer™ at the same venue (February 14-16).

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  1. *1

    Scale: Scales are deposits made from substances such as calcium and silica that adhere to the insides of boilers.


    Scale deposits reduce the heat-transfer effect, and adversely affect fuel efficiency and durability.