Press Releases


March 28, 2008

Kurita Water Industries Revises Director Compensation

Kurita Water Industries announced today that it will abolish its retirement benefits scheme for company directors and implement measures for acquiring Kurita stock as part of director compensation. This decision was finalized at the meeting of the Board of Directors on March 28, 2008.

1. Abolishment of directors’ retirement benefits

With the aim of enhancing transparency regarding director compensation, Kurita will terminate its current scheme of directors’ retirement benefits, which are paid to company directors and auditors, as of the conclusion of its 72nd annual meeting of shareholders, scheduled to be held in June 2008, and unify the annual salary plans already in place.
Subject to approval at this upcoming annual meeting of shareholders, any retirement benefits accruing, while the current scheme is still in effect, to currently active directors and auditors still in office as of the conclusion of the shareholders meeting will be paid out when those personnel retire or are removed from office.

2. Acquisition of Kurita stock

As of July 2008, Kurita will contribute a fixed proportion of directors’ compensation to the directors’ shareholding association each month, which will be used to acquire Kurita stock. Acquired stock will be held for the term of office of each director, ensuring that director compensation is tied to shareholder value.