Press Releases


December 1, 2005

Kurita Water Industries to Establish Water Treatment Chemical Retail Company in Tokai Region

Kurita Water Industries Ltd., (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroshi Fujino) established Kurita Chemicals Tokai Ltd. on December 1st, 2005 to provide sales and maintenance services for water treatment chemicals and equipment in the Tokai region. To solidify sales and increase profitability, the company is promoting the reorganization and development of the distribution network that supports its water treatment chemical business. The formation of the new company is part of this reorganization plan.

Kurita Chemicals Tokai Ltd., was formed by the amalgamation of Nagoya Risui Co., Ltd. which became a full subsidiary on December 18th, this year, and Gifu Risui Co., Ltd. Given the region's enormous market, particularly the automobile industry, the newly formed company is aiming for a greater market share by strengthening ties with its local customers, and with the region as a whole.

Outline of Kurita Chemicals Tokai Ltd.

  1. Address
    3-6-1 Mitsui, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN 491-0827
    Tel: 0586-76-8638
    Fax: 0586-76-8976
  2. Representative Director
    Kiyoshi Okuma
  3. Capital
    10 million yen
  4. Areas responsible for
    Western region of Aichi Prefecture and the whole of Gifu Prefecture
  5. Number of Employees