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March 19, 2009

Kurita Water Industries to Establish a Water Treatment Chemicals Subsidiary

Kurita Water Industries today announced that it will establish Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd., a new subsidiary that will produce water treatment chemicals, on April 1, 2009.
Currently, Kurita Water Industries’ two production facilities, the Egawa Factory (Sashima, Ibaraki) and Ako Factory (Ako, Hyogo), are responsible for the Kurita Group’s domestic production of water treatment chemicals. Centralizing the Group’s technology and expertise in the production of water treatment chemicals at the new company, which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries, will enable Kurita to further improve quality and production efficiency, and thereby produce water treatment chemicals that provide even greater value to customers.
A profile of Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. follows.

Profile of new company

  1. Company name
    Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd.
  2. Location
    Head office 2585-1 Oaza Egawa, Gokamachi, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan
    Ako factory 1325-72 Kizu, Ako-shi, Hyogo prefecture, Japan
  3. Representative
    Hideo Nakagawa, Representative Director
  4. Paid-in Capital
    50 million yen
  5. Number of employees