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March 15, 2023

Kurita and Fracta Leap Expand Beta Version Lineup of Automated Design Solutions for Water Treatment Plants

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Michiya Kadota; hereinafter "Kurita") and Fracta Leap Inc. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yasuhiro Kitabayashi; hereinafter "Fracta Leap") are currently engaged in the development and deployment of automated design solutions for water treatment plants under their joint Meta-Aqua Project*1,which aims to accelerate digital transformation (DX) in the water treatment industry.
In addition to the automated layout design application released last November, the project team has now released and deployed the beta version applications for equipment configuration and construction planning.

The Meta-Aqua Project aims to dramatically improve the speed of responding to customer proposals and drastically reduce the time required to design the projects in order to meet the needs of customers in the semiconductor industry as well as other industries, shortening the duration between the initial request from customer to the final plant startup.

In addition to these newly released applications the project team also aims to deliver a beta version application of block flow creation this summer, thereby covering all of the main processes involved in the basic plant design*3 of water treatment plants, thus fully automating the process.

With this series of automated design applications, basic plant design workload is expected to be reduced by roughly 60%, with the design phase of projects being shortened by around 40%.

The features of the two new applications released are as follows.

Equipment configuration application

  • 1.An algorithm proposes multiple pattern combinations and order of the necessary water treatment equipment based on input information of water quality and volume.
  • 2.Evaluation indicators such as initial costs and running costs, which are useful for comparing multiple patterns, are also displayed.
  • 3.Enables simultaneous consideration of a wide range of patterns that was not available before.

Construction planning application

  • 1.An algorithm automatically generates construction work orders, assignment of workers, schedules, etc.
  • 2.Visual representation of equipment installation, etc., in conjunction with generated schedules.
  • 3.Enables consideration of multiple construction plans that end within the deadline, without use on excessive resources and scheduling requirements.

In line with the progress in the automated design application business, Fracta Leap is expanding its organizational structure and actively recruiting professionals such as architects/tech leads, mathematical optimization engineers, data engineers, product managers and business development leaders, with plans to hire around 30 to 40 full-time employees this year.


  • *1:"Meta-Aqua Project": A joint project between Kurita and Fracta Leap with the aim of radically improving productivity through digital technologies for the sustainability of water treatment infrastructure. The project chiefly promotes smartification (more efficient and sophisticated) of water treatment plant design, production, and operation and management using AI and IoT technologies. For details, please refer to this press release from August 20,2020:
  • *2:A beta version: An early version of application, released mainly for testing purposes before the official version is distributed.
  • *3:Basic plant design: The stage of plant design where the general framework for the necessary equipment and its layout are determined, based on plant requirements, and translated into various schematic drawings.
Overview of Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
Name Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
Location 10-1, Nakano 4-chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
President and Representative Director Michiya Kadota
Business Areas Manufacture and sale of water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities, maintenance of water treatment facilities, and ultrapure water supply
Overview of Fracta Leap Inc.
Name Fracta Leap Inc.
Established May 2020 (established as a subsidiary of Fracta Inc., a US AI startup)
Location Tokyo Office: 3F, Parkfront Shinjuku, Shinjuku 2-8-15, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Kawasaki Laboratory: KSP East Building 207, 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
CEO Yasuhiro Kitabayashi
Business Areas Development of digital technologies and products which contribute to solving infrastructure problems related to water treatment.