Press Release


April 25, 2016

Assistance to areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes

We express our sincere sympathies to the people affected by and involved in the Kumamoto earthquakes.

The Kurita Water Industries Group has sent a donation of 10 million yen through the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist with relief for the affected people and help with the restoration of the afflicted areas. The Group has also provided 12,096 liters (8,064 packs) of Mizu no Kurita no Umaimizu mineral water as relief supplies to the local governments of the afflicted areas. Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its domestic subsidiaries and affiliates will make extensive efforts to help restore the afflicted areas.

We sincerely hope that the afflicted areas and the living conditions of the afflicted people will be restored as quickly as possible. The entire Group will continue to do all it can to offer assistance and restoration.