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December 9, 2014

Order Received for Ultrapure Water Supply Project from a Major South Korean Semiconductor Manufacturer

The Kurita Group (Kurita Water Industries Ltd. [Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai] and Hansu Technical Service Ltd., a South Korean subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. in the Water Treatment Facilities business) has received an order for an ultra purewater supply project from SK Hynix Inc., a major South Korean semiconductor manufacturer.

The Kurita Group will construct and maintain an ultrapure water production system set up on the premises of the semiconductor plant that is to be constructed by SK Hynix Inc. The system will start supplying ultrapure water used to clean the components of products and other items in June 2015, when the plant begins operation.

In the ultra purewater supply business, the Kurita Group constructs and maintains water treatment systems on the premises of customers’ plants, handles general tasks ranging from managing operations to the maintenance of the systems, and receives payment for the ultra purewater it supplies to customers. In addition to ensuring a stable supply of ultra purewater, the business provides customers with a diverse range of value by reducing the burden of investing funds, developing human resources, and managing operations.

The Kurita Group has an established track record in the ultra purewater supply business predominantly for major LCD/ semiconductor manufacturers in Japan. This project represents the first major purewater supply project the Group will undertake for a local corporation in a different country. The criteria underlying the decision to make this investment took into account the various risks involved in overseas business expansion.

The SK Hynix Inc. plant where the system will be set up requires both the technological and problem solving capabilities to ensure a stable supply of ultra purewater for realizing the commercial production of cutting-edge products. The Kurita Group received the order because SK Hynix Inc. highly rated the technologies and expertise it has developed through its ultra purewater supply business in Japan. SK Hynix Inc. was also impressed by the overall strength of the Kurita Group and its after-sales follow-up, such as its ability to manage operations and handle maintenance after its systems are delivered.

The outline of the order is as follows:


  • Name: SK Hynix Inc. (South Korea)
  • Business description: Manufacture of semiconductors and electronic products
  • Subject plant and item to be manufactured: A new factory to be constructed by the company in South Korea. The item to be manufactured is DRAM (300 mm wafers).

<Ultra purewater supply project to be undertaken by the Kurita Group>

  • Description:
    Supply ultra purewater to the customer (for ten years) and handle the design, construction, operation management, and maintenance of the ultra purewater production system to be used for the project
  • Start of water supply: June 2015 (planned)
  • Project administrator: Hansu Technical Service Ltd.

Under its medium-term management plan "Take Action 2014," the Kurita Group promotes measures aimed at overseas expansion. Large-scale investments in the electronic industry including semiconductors and LCD panels are expected to continue in East Asian countries. Kurita aims to obtain more orders for its water treatment facilities, while at the same time strengthen its outsourcing services such as the ultra purewater supply business, outsourced operation of water treatment facilities, and maintenance of systems in operation. Through these initiatives, Kurita seeks to expand its business of providing services for water treatment facilities in other countries.