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September 2, 2013

Kurita Develops KURITA ST, a New Series of Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
Renewing mainstay products for plants in industrial complexes with a newly developed polymer that enables highly efficient corrosion prevention and reduced environmental impact

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) is pleased to announce the market entry of KURITA ST, a new series of cooling water treatment chemicals featuring use of a newly developed polymer. These new products have low environmental impact and produce a high corrosion inhibition* effect for a wide variety of water qualities, including not only general industrial water but also RO treated water and reclaimed water. Kurita will promote application of the new series as its mainstay products for plants in industrial complexes in Japan and aggressively expand them to overseas markets.

Phosphate and zinc salts are generally used as active ingredients of water treatment chemicals for preventing corrosion of heat exchangers and pipes in cooling water systems. Use of these corrosion inhibition ingredients at high concentrations has been necessary to achieve a higher treatment effect for highly corrosive water. But their use at low concentrations was required due to strict regional regulations on phosphorus, zinc, and other ingredients present in industrial wastewater, aiming at reducing the environmental impact.

In addition, given the growing global demand for water and the priority placed worldwide on effective use of water resources, use of a wide variety of water, such as reclaimed water and RO treated water from desalination plants, as cooling water for plants in industrial complexes and other facilities has been promoted in industry. Yet because these types of water are highly corrosive, demand has grown for water treatment chemicals that have a high corrosion inhibition effect for water of varying qualities and are therefore essential for stable plant operations.

KURITA ST, the new series of cooling water treatment chemicals developed by Kurita, maintains the optimal state of corrosion inhibition ingredients in water and quickly forms a compact anticorrosive coating film on metal surfaces, owing to the effect of a newly developed low-molecular polymer. This translates into a high corrosion inhibition effect (more than twice that of existing Kurita products) and the ability to treat highly corrosive water. As a result, the new cooling water treatment chemicals reduce running cost as well as the amount of use of chemicals and environmental impact of phosphorus, zinc, nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and other substances. Kurita will also use technologies it has developed, such as sensing and communication technologies for water treatment, to ensure that these chemicals achieve stable performance, in order to provide technical support for customers around the world.

Demand for water treatment chemicals with lower environmental impact is expected to increase and cooling water systems that use RO treated water and reclaimed water are set to proliferate worldwide. Kurita will promote sales of KURITA ST as products with a high corrosion inhibition effect and low environmental impact mainly to customers from the petrochemical and petroleum refinery industries in Japan and overseas, aiming to achieve orders amounting to two billion yen in five years and increasing its share in the water treatment chemicals market.

  • *Prevention of corrosion of metal components such as pipes