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March 17, 2014

China Subsidiary Kurita Water Industries (Suzhou) Ltd. Begins Shipping Standard Water Treatment Equipment to Southeast Asia

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) is pleased to announce that Kurita Water Industries (Suzhou) Ltd. (hereinafter " Kurita Suzhou"), a Chinese subsidiary that engages in the water treatment facilities business, has begun shipping standard water treatment equipment manufactured at its own plant to Southeast Asia.

The standard water treatment equipment (hereinafter "standard product") is small- or medium-sized equipment for water treatment with specifications including treatment capacity and drawings standardized. In addition to resin, membrane and other water treatment units, a set of devices necessary to operate the equipment, such as a pump, piping and a control panel, are assembled in a case or on a platform in the plant. The product is shipped after trial operation is completed. After it is installed in a customer’s premises, it can be immediately put into operation. That curtails the design and construction lead time and achieves cost savings. It is also possible to combine different standard products depending on the water quantity or quality desired by customers. Standard products are applicable to ultrapure water production systems that are required to produce water with a high level of purity and to other systems.

Kurita Suzhou was established in 2004 as the Kurita Group’s base in China for the design, production and construction of water treatment equipment. In 2012, a capital increase was executed to boost the local production capacity.
Kurita Suzhou has been working with a particular focus on internal production in an effort to stabilize quality and to shorten the construction period. Since its founding, it has been shifting water treatment equipment to standard products. For large-scale water treatment system projects, it has stepped up the transition to skid-mounted equipment, based on which a number of water treatment units constituting a system, pumps and large-scale piping are efficiently laid out on a portably sized platform and assembled in a factory, before being shipped to the construction site. It has thus built a track record of delivery for new factories in China built to manufactur liquid crystal panels and semiconductors.
Shipments of standard products and products based on skid-mounted equipment to the domesticChinese market are growing with each year. The number of orders received for FY 2013 reached around 200. The pure water equipment recently shipped to Malaysia has specifications optimized to the needs of the destination country on the basis of the standard product, which has a proven track record in China. It was Kurita Suzhou’s first standard product shipped outside China.

The Kurita Group is taking steps to expand its overseas business under its medium-term management plan – Take Action 2014. Defined as its principal manufacturing base of water treatment facilities, Kurita Suzhou will be building closer ties with Kurita Water Industries and other overseas Kurita Group companies to expand its shipments of standard products and products based on skid-mounted equipment, which feature high quality and superior cost competiveness, to the Southeast Asian region and other countries.

Profile of Kurita Suzhou

Company Name:Kurita Water Industries (Suzhou) Ltd.

Head Office (and Plant) Location:National Environmental New & Hi-tech Industrial Park No.31 & No.32, 369 Lushan Road, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu, China

Representative:Michio Yokoyama, president

Date of Establishment:May 2004

Capital:530 million

Major Business:Design, production, construction, operation management and maintenance of water treatment equipment in China and sales of fillers

Ownership:Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (100%)

Kurita Suzhou
▲Kurita Suzhou

Water treatment equipment manufactured at Kurita Suzhou
▲Water treatment equipment manufactured at Kurita Suzhou